Mom diary: 14 months old

Hello everyone!

It is time for me to write about my son's 14 months. He is currently one month older (so 15), so I can explain in full what was going on last month - so when he was 14 months old.
Photo by Helena Milost

He is a joy to be around, always happy, smiling and being really nice and quite polite. Especially if we are around new people, or people he rarely sees. 
Of course after he is acclimated to the new circle of people he shows who he is. Still a pleasure to be around, but more of a destroyer, always curious kid.

Exploring the taburee

One this is for sure. He won't stop talking, once he has something to say. And that is most of the time. It seems that his primary language is some sort of Chinese, but at least I can somehow understand him. Not always, but some of the time. Other times he makes sure I understand him (getting all annoyed if I don't, haha).

Photo by Petra Nuzdorfer (taken at the kid's fair)

He is always annoying to the dog, hitting him (then we tell him, he should stroke his fur and not hit him!), chasing him etc. The dog somehow allows it and when he's had enough, he just walks away. 
But other times he's like this little angel that sees that I am petting the dog and he joins in. 
And of course they are best pals since he feeds the dog his scrap food. D:

Charming little fella'

He understands everything we are talking about, of not because of the words, it's because of our body language. So if I tell him to bring me something or to put another thing away, he gets it. He will also usually do as told, except if he doesn't want to. Then we explain why is that good and try again. If not, another time. Usually he is really eager to help and mimic the adults.


One of the funniest things that he has learned is how to show that he is strong. It is super cute, because he makes little fists, puts them next to his face, squeezes really hard and makes this 'I'm trying so hard' face. Of course this is accompanied by lots of grunting, haha. 

thinking ... =)

He has a healthy appetite, but not as much as I'd want him to. But then again.. he is healthy, growing and that's all that matters. Lately I've letting him eat by himself on his high chair and now he won't eat any other way. He gets his plate, a spoon and a tiny plastic fork. The fork is shitty and he can't pick up anything, so I am searching for a good silver one (or whatever they are made of). He gets really frustrated when nothing gets on his fork, so he wants mine. And I give him it. Of course then everything is well. So yeah, a new tiny fork. 

This was his first time eating all alone

Getting better at this...

Overall this month has been really fun, but also exhausting. He didn't sleep well at night, well depending on what he ate. And then he has this routine that he wakes up at 8:30 am and well.. it doesn't really matter when he got to sleep. Usually it is around 8 pm, but that doesn't mean he actually sleeps by then. Except when he is super exhausted because he skipped his daily nap. 

But so far so good, has been cranky only for a couple of days because of a cold, but other than that it was fun.

Oh and he is also a very messy kid. Whenever he goes there are crumbs left, pieces of food and so on. This means I have to clean every single time, which is like.. a couple of times per day. And it always looks like I didn't clean for ages. :P

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