Happy Birthday, little son!

Hello darlings,

My LO is now 13 months old, but I decided to share first his birthday pictures. :D 
Because, you know, it is lovely looking at a happy kid, right? Right?

Now he is officially a toddler. Bye bye baby boy!

Just a couple of pictures.. :) Of course I have more, hah!

YES, it is MY birthday!

Father and Son
Birthday cake!

blowing the candles out, he helped! haha

The birthday was in a nice family setting + a couple of close friends. It was lovely and there was plenty of food to gorge on. Baby loved it so much, haha. 
The cake was a two layered thing, upper part being fruit + cheesecake and the lower part being chocolate strawberry mix.

So LO understands a heck of words now, sometimes even *does* what I tell him.
It is pretty lovely being with him, learning new things as days go by...  But I will write more about it in the next chapter: Being a new mom: 13 Months old ;).

Stay tuned.


  1. Čudovit je! Čestitke za tako lepega fantka! :D

  2. Maja: Oh, hvala lepa! :) Zelo prijazno od tebe.

  3. so cut!!! esp the blowing candle part, im so excited my little boy 1st birthday on oct 6...


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