Comparison: Fyrinnae Glitterboi and Mon Ennui Oil Slick

Hi darlings,
I got a request for a comparison between Fyrinnae Glitterboi and Mon Ennui Oil Slick, so I delivered! It took me a while to take these pictures, but here they are now!

I must say that I used LOTS of Glitterboi eyeshadow in comparison to Oil Slick. But honestly that was to be expected.
Oil slick is a nice shimmery duochrome eyeshadow while Glitterboi is a glitter eyeshadow with black base.

Both are equally gorgeous! Oil Slick is just more wearable.

What do you think?


  1. Боth look gorgeous, but Oil SLick is a winner! BTW, how do you do such precise swatches? :)

  2. @Eli Doinoff: Medical tape. I first apply some base, then pixie epoxy and then I tape it down, so I get a nice clean line after I pull it off. :)


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