Kiko haul


As I was on the seaside (it's gorgeous here!) I went to Kiko as I grabbed some must have's, I got myself also some mineral pigments from them. I must say that I am really impressed with their quality!

I got:
A mixing medium for pigments as I want to try and use something else than just pain water
Two pigments (31 for the new collection - a gorgeous pink duochrome that goes to gold and 1 that is a purple color that shifts from warm purple to cold purple),
A purple mascara that is quite dry so I added some mixing solution to it, and now it is fine.

Pictures (I forgot to take my camera with me so I used a videocamera).

Stay tuned for swatches :). Hopefully they will turn decent, hehe.. :)


  1. You'll love the mixing solution. It is quite versatile and will last you a lifetime.
    I sometimes add one drop to my Essence gel liner to get a more intense colour payoff. I don't use pigments very often, but you can get poorly pigmented eyeshadows to work the way they should.

  2. Prvi pigment izgleda izjemno dobro. :)


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