Sugarpill Sweetheart palette TEST RUN

Hi lovelies!

I got myself a Sugarpill palette because I heard it is super pigmented and so on. Well of course I didn't believe it, I had to try it myself!
I tried so many eyeshadows that promised they are pigmented, when it truth they were not.

So when Sugarpill got a sale (black friday) I jumped at the chance to get the palette for almost 10$ less!

I got myself the Sweetheart palette, since I don't own a white eyeshadow (until now!) - it is actually pretty hard to believe, hehe.

I absolutely love the box the palette comes in! What a beautiful and cheerful design, I am truly impressed. 

I did two simple and quick looks, to test the colors.

Look 1: Dollipop, Afterparty, Tako

Look 2: Tako, Midori, Afterparty

Ahhh it shines <3 .="." p="p">

The eyeshadows are insanely pigmented! I do truly believe this was a great purchase! ^^ 
Now you can expect some more looks from me using these fantastic eyeshadows!

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