Instaweek November 1


As some of you may know, I am very active on Instagram (follow me @cherrycolors or check me here).

This week was quite eventful!
  • I finally got the Cheeky Wipes I dreamed about (lol right, like if I was dreaming about cleaning little arses!), and it is doing its job really well - I am impressed!
  • I babywatched my sister's dog - who like to tell my dog that she's the boss (and we're talking about a teeny dog here).
  • I ate a horseburger and there was quite a fuss on instagram because of it.
  • My nails were pink - now they are light blue, thanks to my dear who watched over LO while I did my nails.
  • I got my LO two new (quite girly looking) pacifiers by MAM. He likes them but he takes them out in a second and a half!
  • I also babywore my LO, colics kicked in again :/.

Ohh and the best news?! I got comapny! I can finally go for a ride/walk with my LO and am not alone on those rides/walks. That is FUN! 

This is it, keep your eyes open wide.. and follow my instagram if you are interested in my 'adventures', hehe .. :D

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