FOTD: Hair Change

Hey everyone,

A while ago I got the chance to go to a hair stylist for quite a decent price (considering that most of my cosmetic stuff is now on a budget, yah!). I woke up in the morning and noticed this huuuge pimple on my eyelid. Yah, super sexy, nothing to say here. That's why I look a bit 'high' or super sleepy :/.

So my before hair:

And after:

Yes, the hair stylist went a bit crazy with my hair (haha). But it was essentially just a hair cut (shortened them about 3cm). Tho I really loved the scalp massage I got <3. That was divine. 

And after two weeks:

I took these pictures at about 6:30 AM. And for some reason I look decent and as if I slept the whole night, lol.

Anyway, I like how my hair looks now. I thought about a really extreme hair makeover, but then decided against it. Why? I'm not ready yet.. 

Enjoy your day,

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