New DOG!

You all know that - I love dogs. They are like children 'trapped' in a cute body. I have one lovely fellow with the biggest smile on planet Earth (Pablo, yes!) but since he ate my last dog - a plush - I got a new one.

Well it was a gift from my dear, because I couldn't sleep without hugging anything. And when my lovely dog wasn't around I was hugging what? The pillow, and it surely wasn't a comfortable sleep position.

Many peluches were destroyed by Pablo. He went for the hardest parts - the eyes and then made a huge hole in them (I had two The Dog's).

This time we went for something larger. In fact this toy is almost as big as my real dog! So yes, I am talking about a new toy :D!

It's a bull terrier plush, and it still needs a name. Any suggestions? 
Yes, I love naming my furry fellows (toys or not!).


  1. OMG soo cute :)
    I love dog too, I have a little one named Choco..he5.
    Suggestion for name? hmm maybe terry :p

  2. Uf, razumem situacijo. Tudi jaz zadnje čase objemam povšter, ker mi tako še najbolje uspe zaspat. Luškan kuža. =)

  3. Ooo ful je luškan! :D Za imena sem pa slaba. XD

  4. Ježenadi, kaki luškani pliško pliškasti.

  5. Sasha: Hehe thanks for the suggestion! :D

    Nihrida: Jaaa, sam tale je kar malo prevelik za taksno spanje.

    Mateja Mateja: :D hvala, in pa damn :P.

    Gone2RehabBRB: Hehe imas lustne izraze :)).


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