EOTD: Green Green Envy


The title isn't one of my best but as long as it's not called "green forest" (like the 3rd time or so) it's alright.. :P
I decided to try out one of the two palettes kkCenterHK sent me. 
I must say that I'm quite impressed with these palettes (expect a review in the next few weeks) and their mascara (the green one) is one of the best I've tried (from the same brand)!

I used:
* light gold eye shadow
* light green on the 2/3 of the eyelid
*dark green in the crease and outer corners
* Beauty angel green mascara

The application was good, I got some fall out but nothing too drastic. ^^
Plus the  MU stayed intact for the whole day (here it's really hot plus humid).

So far I like this palette.

Have you heard of Beauty Angel before? 

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  1. I never heard of this company before but the magazine and makeup looks cool I would love to try this out


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