EOTD: Parrot is Sinful in a Bucket

Hi dolls,

Hahah I'm going wild with my titles, right? xD
Funny enough I gave this MU a prettier title: Green Forest but then I forgot, lol.
I did another make up, really simple and quick for work. I wore glasses again and slowly I'll get used to wearing colors again! YAY.

As you can see, sin is subtle,.. it's everywhere! Bwahaha.. :P Sorry, I'm just joking I actually don't believe in sin ;).

I used:
*Sin, Bucket (UD naked palette)
*Barry M dazzle dust (Green Parrot)
*Essence brown gel liner (Bondi Beach TE)
*Miss Sporty So Fabulous


  1. Lovely. I like that the shadow colours are also in your eye colour.



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