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Hi, everyone!

I was asked what eyeliner was I wearing on the photo from the giveaway (which is the same photo as in the latest review I wrote).

And since I still didn't post the makeup from today, I decided it is about time I do it.

Honestly, the makeup isn't one of my best. But I really like the title of the MU. I think it goes well with the colors. It looks like a makeup that would change colors :D! And of course it did (yay for Fyrinnae arcane  magic eyeshadows).

So what did I use?
*Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP)
*Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
*Fyrinnae Pyromantic Erotica in the inner corner
*Fyrinnae Sorceress in the crease
*Fyrinnae Madam & Eve's on the lid
*Essence Black Mania liquid eyeliner
*ES 244 Fake Eyelashes
*Miss Sporty So Fabulous Mascara

I just realized I should've curled the fake lashes more because my natural lashes are poking out?!  

It was a fun look, but next time I'll try to do something more creative. ^^


  1. this is a very pretty look on you

    shel xx

  2. the colors are cool! I love the gold with the grey/green, you remind me of a pretty peacock :D

  3. Oh yey! I was the one who asked :) Thanks for answering so quick!

  4. @Irishenchantment: Thank you! ^^

    @Pop Champagne: Oh yeah, it reminds me of that lovely bird too! ^^ Thanks!

    @Kat: Yay, yes you were ^^. And you're welcome!


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