NOTD: Deborah Shine Tech 17


I have short nails again. One of them broke when I went for a walk with my dog. Auch :(. But anyway that was the perfect time to shorten them all and try a new nail polish from Deborah. I got it for free with my other Deborah nail polish (Sense Tech 10).

This shade has an interesting story. I didn't like it until I found some pictures on another blog. Since then I was in love with it. But the thing is.. 7€ is way too much for a nail polish you don't really need, no? 

Now I finally got it and it reminds me of Essie It's Genius (Winter 08). o.O It's not exactly the same, Deborah 17 is more complex. But still I used Essie It's Genius for the base, and over it I layered Deborah. That's because this nail polish is REALLY sheer. I read it needs about 5 thin coats (or 3 really thick ones). Ew, ew and ew!

In the shadow it looks kind of boring... 

But in the sun it is gorgeous.. 

I like it quite a lot. I only wish it would be good for other than layering. I mean I LOVE opaque polishes.. :( But anyway it is still gorgeous. 


  1. Nice colour, though 3 coats is my limit.

  2. lep <3 ampak 5 plasti?na-a...tu mač! :)

  3. ma nisi ti enga takega frančka enkrat namešala? Pretty!

  4. Charlotte Sparkle: Thank you.

    Marox79: Yeah, it's very sheer :(.

    Sparkle: Ja, ali pa 3 zeloo debele.. ravno zato je kul samo za layering ;_;.

    Helena: Ne ne, verjetno si mislila tega:


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