NOTD: Catrice Iron Mermaiden

Hey everyone!

I got myself another Catrice nail polish. I don't have many of them (I had 2, but gave them all away) in fact this is my 5th one. I gave 2 away so I only have 3. So far I am really pleased with their quality. 

I wasn't really impressed with this nail polish, but since everyone was talking about it I had to try it. The application wasn't problematic, the polish is a but on the watery side but otherwise it's good. I used three layers for full opacity (two could also work). It has a frost finish, so you have to be careful with your brush strokes.

Lets move to the pictures.

1 Layer

3 Layers

It's gorgeous, isn't it? It also contains little shimmer. I think it is multicolored.
I love it! It will be great for those days when I won't know which polish to apply. I mean.. it has 3 colors in them (as I see them): purple, gray and green.


  1. I recently won this in a giveawaya and I'm super happy as we don't have Catrice here. Can't wait to change nail polish!

  2. @GABY: That's great! I really like catrice nail polishes ^^!

  3. Beautiful! <3 Can't wait to get my hands on it :)

  4. ma prekrasen je, sem ga že v mullerju opazovala, pa sem rekla, da bo essence čisto dovolj, no zdej nism več tk prepričana. Drugače pa dobra odločitev, da ga daš gor;)


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