NOTD: Catrice Forget me not!

I wanted to try a new nail polish I got last week. It was super pretty in the bottle, but when I applied it it was just.. bleh. Super thick, and the brush is missing half of its bristles. It seems like if someone wanted to eat it :P!

But the polish itself is very pretty. Purple with LOTS of tiny shimmer. Magic in a bottle! I used two coats for full opacity. One could also be fine, but you'd need to apply a thicker layer.


  1. ok it's just amazing!!!! I'm in love with this purple :D

  2. Alice: It's gorgeous! Hopefully others aren't as thick as this one.

    Sara.H: It's super pretty ^^. Can you get it in your country?

    Marox: Nah, it's actually glitter.No holo :(

    Charlotte Sparkle: <3 Thank you for your comment.

  3.'s so shiny! I wish we had that brand available here. :(

  4. Chrissy: If you'd want to do a swap, drop me a note on my email ^^.


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