Catrice, Essence and Miss Sporty


I'm all about cheap beauty. It doesn't have to be expensive for it to work. :) 
That's why I decided that I will try a finishing powder from one of the cheaper brands out there. I picked one from Essence and another one (with travel package) from Miss Sporty.

I really don't have anything from Miss Sporty, and I have no idea why. Well, actually I know. I have the same feeling about it as two years ago I had about Essence. It goes like this "Ewwww it's cheap, it surely sucks!!".
But that isn't correct. Miss Sporty things are pretty good!
I only wish they wouldn't store the nail polishes under such direct light. :<

While I was there I grabbed a waterproof mascara from Miss sporty. I heard it is quite good. 

And then I needed a bronzer. Matte version, that doesn't look orange against my skin - to contour my cheeks. It does look pretty good! :D

And an eyeshadow from Essence that will work as a highlight. It's shimmery but subtle enough. 

And of course, the majestic Blending brush! Two great of the same thing, is greater right? :D

Plus the full nail Essence Plate (I have the other one already). I want to have animal prints on my nails, without much hassle.

Of course, I couldn't go by the Catrice shelves without grabbing Iron Mermaiden. Huh. 

The most important stuff I bought were the finishing powders. I ran out of my Make Up Factory finishing powder long ago. Never bothered to repurchase a new one. I already tried the Miss Sporty (that claims it last up to 7 hours) and it's quite good, to be honest. I'll write a review about it when I test it some more.

That's it! :P No more nail polishes, eyeshadows (except the ones I am already waiting from Fyrinnae) and other makeup for me. Well maybe the max I can buy is a foundation. And that's it :D.

Take care,


  1. I hope to see the powder rewiew soon since I'm finishin my be honest i'd like to try something homemade, such as with rice starch :)

  2. Alice: I actually really like the Miss Sporty powder. More than Essence. It keeps oil at bay for a decent time. And it's cheap. I'll put the review up in two weeks, because I already have some scheduled posts.


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