Simple make up I've been wearing lately


Lately I've been really lazy with my make up. I usually put on eyeshadow and maybe liquid liner but this time I was mostly sporting the pencil only look. And sometimes a bit of brown eyeshadow as added.

Daily look (sometimes there's just some more brown eye pencil, other times there's some eyeshadow as in the picture):

Night look/other times look (only a deep blue eye pencil for a quick look that goes from nude to dramatic!):

It's a bit sloppy, but it looked good.

How did I do it?
I just took my favorite eye pencil of the moment and applied it on my top lid and bottom lid (as an eyeliner). I also applied some in my waterline. Then I took a q-tip and smudged the bottom line. Added lots of mascara and that's it!

Do you have a 'lazy day' make up?

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