NOTD: Birthday manicure

Hi lovelies,
On my birthday I wanted a different manicure, but at the same time I didn't want to take off my nail polish (Zoya Charla).
That's why I decided to google some nail art and try to recreate it.

I found Polish&Konad's nail art and decided that this was it!

Here's what I wore for two days (after that I managed to break my 2nd nail diagonally, so I can't even shorten it.. I just hope it won't break - it broke from one end to the other of the nail.. to the flesh).

I used:
*Zoya Charla as the base 
*Essence Love of My Life for the golden stripe
*Black nail art polish 
*Golden shimmer nail art polish

I really liked this manicure, because it had some edge to it :). I'd probably wear it again.
My dear said it reminds me of those small chocolate eggs, lol and I had to agree. Some eggs come packaged in similar patterns. 

Would you wear anything similar?


  1. Thats so lovely :) I did one like this a few weeks ago but I havent posted it yet as all I ever seem to post is leopard print nails :P xo

  2. you did a great work! i love animal prints :)


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