Wishlist 2010


Today I decided to post my wish list up, so some people that know me may get some ideas... ^^

Okay so from upper left to right, here it is:
  1.  Make Up Factory make up base (Muller - 20€) OR E.L.F. Studio Line Mineral Infused Face Primer (ELF  £6.00 )
  2.  Getting my septum pierced (60€)
  3.  Barbie Shyn'e in PURPLE and/or PINK - I like purple better( Muller 14€)
  4.  Single Brushes ( Flat top, Stippling and Angle Blush) or a Brush Set
  5. Make Up Factory Setting Powder (Muller 17€)
  6.  Bourjois Blush in Lune D'Or or Bourjois Blush in Rose D'Or (10€ each in DM)

:P I saw the barbies today and I was like... for real?! They have shimmer on them and have super long legs?! I have to have them, since they will be great to photograph xD.

Now I wish all my other family member come up with a wish list. 
I also wouldn't mind if I got anything else tbh....  ^^ 

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  1. Hey, long time no comment. I love the new hair colour and I could see myself with a septum piercing too. I was doing a blog award post and thought of your blog, hope you dont mind that I tagged you for the award :) http://lolrenpop.blogspot.com/2010/11/lets-get-started.html


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