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I really don't do tags, because well... I don't like them that much. I mean most of them are quite boring.  But this one seemed interesting, so I decided to give it a go.

I was tagged by Helena from XOXOParisky.

7 things I have to do before I die:
  1. Travel to Japan and stay there for at least 2 months
  2. Travel around the world and learn new things
  3. Donate a large amount of money to charity (at least once)
  4. Get famous and rich because of something I did. Possibly something creative (MU, Photography, Drawing, etc)
  5. Take ballet lessons and rock it!
  6. Live in a lovely warm house with 4 dogs and help other animals.
  7. Live in a foreign country for a couple of months.

7 things I say all the time:
  1. Itak (of course)
  2. kjuuuut (cute!)
  3. OMB (OMG)
  4. Oookay (awkward)
  5. Hmmm (as in interesting)
  6. Me ne zanima/se me ne tiče (I don't care/that's none of my business)
  7. dbest (the best/awesome!)

(this was actually a hard one, lol)

7 things I'm good at:
  1. Make up (on myself, others also)
  2. Photography (macro, animals, seldom people)
  3. Posing xD
  4. Nail art/nail painting
  5. Relaxing when everything goes wrong
  6. Recognising what's going on with my dog, how he will react (I'm damn good at this!)
  7. 'Reading' other people.
7 flaws:
  1. I'm a hardcore procrastinator
  2. I can't stop talking when I'm with someone I know.
  3. I don't like silence when in company (it's awkward)
  4. I'm usually very shy when I meet new people.
  5. I love sleeping way too much.
  6. Random perfectionist. It's weird.
  7. Spend way too much time on the PC.
7 qualities:
  1. Honest.
  2. Optimistic at all times.
  3. Believe in the utter good.
  4. Artistic.
  5. Caring.
  6. Bad liar xD
  7. Get excited over new things easily.

Since I'm a procrastinator and I know that some people hate tags...  well please do tag yourself ,).

7 lovely bloggers will take this tag ;).

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  1. Great post! I learned a lot of interesting new things about you. Thanks for sharing.


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