NOTD: Desert Ayada

Hi everyone,

I'm more dead than alive atm, but I wanted to share my manicure of the last week. Well mostly it's been on for 5 days.
And it survived some tough stuff so it's a bit chipped.

I used:
*Essence Desert Fox (Into the Wild TE)
*Essence Ayada (Ethno Couture TE)
*GOSH Rainbow

I also applied my remaining Seche Vite Quick drying top coat..  I couldn't wait for the Essence Nail Art Top Coat to dry. It took way too much time!

Sorry for my dry cuticles :/. Cold weather is really killing my hands and I ran out of my hand cream.

Enjoy your Sunday ^^!


  1. Dobra kombinacija, pa super zgleda po petih dnevih :D


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