Photography: XOXO Parisky

Hello everyone!

I'm not sure if you know, but here and there I also photograph. I am extremely lazy when it comes to this, but once I have set a date I'll work for real ;). 
Anyway this time I photographed my twin sister - XOXOParisky

Now sit back, and just enjoy some photos.. 



  1. Super so tele slikice.=)
    Nisem vedela da sta s Heleno sestri, sem vaju pa imela "na sumu",ampak si nisem upala vprašati, da se nebi preveč osmešila *blush*

  2. Biba, Sparkle*, Colorfulbottle: Hvala! * Ja, dvojcici sva ;)))!

  3. What? O: You have a twin? So cool! And for a minute, when I saw the photos, I was wondering when you got your hair cut. xDD

    Duh. It's not you. Haha.

    Anyway, I love the new banner pic on top of your blog. <33

    Amazing photography, too.


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