New navel piercing :)!

Hi everyone!

Well with new, I mean that only the jewel is new. I have a couple of different jewels for it, but I only wear one. And that's because when I was buying my navel jewelery, I didn't realize that I would need a bananabell which isn't longer than 6mm. Soo...  I have a couple of piercing jewelery that have bananabells of 10mm, and even one of 12 mm! But I really don't like the look of the metal/gold/titanium stick through my navel. I mean, I don't mind it but.. I prefer it to be more decorated.

But yesterday I felt in love with this amazing piercing. With white opals on it <3! Pure love, but sadly the piercer didn't have it in 'my size', so I'm waiting for the next order of them. 

But! I wanted a new navel jewelry so I went to the closest Muller and found something I liked.
Luckily my piercing is not in a healing phase anymore (I have it for 6+ years). 

Anyway, enough of the blabbing, off to the pictures!

Nope, the 2nd picture it's not photoshop! It's a filter put directly on the camera! YAY. So cute, but you need lots of light and something shiny. 

Anyway, it's super cute.. and I got myself a longer jewel, since I had no idea how would the butterfly look like. And even if I wanted something shorter I couldn't get it. 6mm is not available in our stores :(!

Some of you may be curious about the piercing experience itself. I remember that it didn't really hurt, it also healed really nicely. Mine was healing for 6 months, until I could really say it's 100% healed. I think I took great care of it and I love every day I have it. It has a positive meaning for me <3.
I got it professionally done, and I don't regret anything at all. I mean, who wouldn't like a piece of bling bling in their belly button? xD

Do you have any piercings? Your experience with them?


  1. Lovely jewel! I also always wear the same LOL.

    I have two navel piercings and love them (=

  2. Ah, piercingi. Če bi imela možnost, bi bila cela preluknjana. Tako pa jih imam samo 4. Uživam v bolečini med prebadanjem in uživam v nošenju.
    Tale tvoj sicer ni po mojem okusu, ampak mislim da ti odlično pristaja.

  3. Luštno! I naj pohvalim tvoj nov izgled bloga, čudovito! ;)

  4. I uber love my belly button piercing! Would do it again!!!

    This is cute!

    I usually end up wearing the curly barbell all the time...maybe I should take a pic of mine...


  5. hey:) jaz sem v prvem letniku srednje šole tudi preluknjala svoj popek:) pa sem imela kar tezave..nons top sem se z brisaci zataknila..hehe nisem se mogla navadit na njega:) in sem ga potem po kakem letu kar ven dala:) mi je pa lepo to:)

  6. Gaby: LOL I ordered some new ones.. this time of the right dimensions! XD

    Nihrida: Te cisto razumem :)!

    Ana: Hvala, sem mislila da nikomur ni vsec izgled bloga xD.

    Yardsticks: I'd do it again, it's too pretty! :D And of course, do take a pic of yours?!

    P_D: Res? Jaz pa se nisem nikamor zatikala, sem ga res pazila.. In ga nikakor ne nameravam dati ven, tudi med morebitno nosecnostjo ne :P. Piercing for life pa to lol.


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