Elchy's necklaces and Sophyto prize!

Hi, lovelies!

Last week I got a package from Elchy, who makes really lovely necklaces. I ordered two one in turquoise and another in bright red. 
The price was great, so I think I got a deal ;)!

The necklaces

worn for work

And as the last thing, my prize from the Ars Cosmetica portal. I joined their giveaway on FB and actually won! :D
 So I decided that I'd like to have the Mega Omegas cream for the upcoming winter. I still have my Essential Care cream to finish (expect a review really soon!), but after I'll try this one..  :) Well you can expect another review!

Thank you for reading,


  1. Oooo, kako lepi ogrlici. Se ne morem odločit, katera je lepša. =)
    In čestitam za nagrado!

  2. Čudoviti ogrlici! Elchy je prava umetnica :)

  3. Elchy obvlada! ^^

    In hvala za kompliment, nimam pojma kako mi je uspelo zmagati :))


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