A drawing :)

Today I have no beauty related stuff for you, instead I spent a couple of hours drawing, or practicing to be exact..

I came out with this.

Since blogger kills the quality of photos/drawings here is the link to the drawing on deviantart.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Vaaaaau, super je! Meni je zeloo všeč. =D

  2. Nusa Ann: Ja, s Photoshopom. Vcasih sem risala z GIMPom, ampak glede na to da vecina ljudi zahteva da znas delaz s PSPjem, sem se se tega naucila.. :)

  3. Katerega pa imaš? CS3, 4, 5? :)
    Aja, pa imaš prav tisto "pisalo" ali si z miško tako dobra? :D

  4. Imam tablico ja.. Moja je sicer stara ze fuuuul casa (Wacom Graphire 2) tako da si sposojam sestrino (Wacom Bamboo Fun) in je to to :).

    Kar se pa PSja tice.. imam 5tko.

  5. Kul, jaz imam tudi CS5. Samo še tablico lovim. ><


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