Today I went to Ljubljana :)

And got myself a couple of things. Well to be correct, my dear got them for me. 

 The cosmetic part

*Cosmetic pads
*Essence nail polish remover 
*3x Essence Crazy about Color eye pencil
*Sun Club Essence eye pencil
*Deborah Sense Tech 100% Mat in 04

The artistic part

*A spatula (I always wanted this!)
*A set of brushes (this was practically a steal, since one brush was like 3€).

I'm pretty pleased with the purchases...  it actually got me back into the shopping mood (the last couple of weeks I got no joy out of shopping).


  1. great haul :D- to bad they don't sell deborah polishes here, I've only seen collistar

    do you use the brushes as a clean-up brush (for polish) or use them the way they're supposed to be used? ^^

  2. amusedPolish: Thanks for the question! I actually already have a set of nail brushes which I use for cleaning (when I feel like, but I'm lazy lazy since I can't find 100% acetone). So they'll be used as they're supposed to ;).


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