Review: T.Top Natural II Color Brown (TB2-21)

A couple of months ago I have participated in a T.Top batch order. Sadly lots of things went wrong, so instead of 6 pairs of T.Top lenses, I ended with one.

But it's all good because I'll be getting them changed for EOS lenses. But still, I will need a lot of patience, because I will probably get them next year. Yes.

T.Top is quite an uncommon brand, I mean it's legit, it's good, but they are just not as popular as other brands are.

Those lenses were really cheap, and by cheap I mean REALLY! They were $15. I got them in brown. I was selecting all kinds of lenses, even purples, so I said 'Why shouldn't I try brown?'
So I bought them in brown.

The seller sent me some freebies, because of the long waiting...  That was so kind!

Now off to the review!

Enlargement: 9/10 They are 14.00 mm in diameter, but they look HUGE! That is probably because of the black rim.

Color/Design: 6/10 They would look great on brown eyes, would give them a nice natural effect. On green eyes, they are fine, but could be better. I don't like the small lines close to the pupil. But I expected them to be super opaque, but they are not. So I like them more than expected!

Comfort: 10/10 I forgot that I was wearing them. That never happened to me, even with my regular contacts, so. They are super comfortable!

My 'naked' eye:
With circle lenses:

Both - natural light:

Comparison - natural light:

Comparison - Flash light:

Have you noticed? They look browner on the flash pictures.

And of course, a full face picture, even if not at all in natural light, or normal angle.

I wouldn't really wear them as an everyday lens, but I they are fine, and will be a nice change. I will probably use them when I will want to spice up my look. Tho they could pass naturally too.


  1. The second photo of your eye is amazing. It looks really really good, I like it.

  2. Biba: You mean my eye with the lenses or without? I got a bit confused..
    And thank you! <3

    Parisky: Super, zdaj mi se povej kaj si naredila za usta na tvojih fotkah.

  3. Super zgleda!
    Z lečami in brez :)


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