NOTD: Sexy Divide + EOS lenses from BOGO sale

I've been trying to capture this nail polish for days. But the weather is so bad, that it is an impossible task!

That's one of the reasons I decided that I will finish my reviews this weekend, even if there is no sun (for better pictures). This weather won't just go away :(.

So, here it is..  Essie Sexy Divide. I wanted to show it in the sunlight. It's perfect, but now.. blah!

Rainy daylight:


See, under the flash light, it's perfect! Imagine now the sun.. similar, but nicer!


I really like this nail polish, and even if it's from the Winter 09 Collection, I don't think it is really appropriate for winter. Because in dark light, it never shows its true beauty.

Now to the BOGO sale. I ordered one pair of lenses and got two that I wanted. One EOS Adult Green and the other are EOS Adult Purple.

I will do a review in a couple of days, but so far I can say that I tried both of them (yay for ultrasonic lens cleaner). The Green lenses are SUPER BLUE. They look terrible. The purple lenses seem to be defective, so I can't say how they really look cuz, I'm blind with them. Hopefully, that's just because of today (I am super tired).

I will let you know.

Have a sunny day,


  1. With flash it transforms into an amazing colour!! O_O I agree, you'd only appreciate its full beauty in bright sunny daylight!

  2. I love the nail polish the diamante gives it a sort of midnight effect with the sparkly being the moon! :) I've been thinking about buying some purple lenses and like you I have light eyes also. Not sure what to get really! Xxx

  3. The color is great. You could buy a pair of cheap colored contact lenses to fit this nail polish:D It would look amazing.


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