NOTD: Sexy Divide updated + French manicure with a twist

I wanted to update my Sexy Divide, even if it is a gorgeous color. I get bored of plain colors so easily..

I came out with this:

I used a regular kitchen sponge + Illamasqua Grab for the tips.
It came out really nicely, tho sadly I managed to chip my nails in matter of HOURS!

So I just cleaned everything off, and decided to do a regular french manicure.
After I did that, I remembered that my dear LOVED the Revlon Fake Nails, so I tried to copy the pattern of those on my own nails.
It was damn hard, because the nail art polish was drying in the bottle ._.

But from far away it looks pretty similar, so I'm pleased!

Now I will finally be able to post up some reviews, because yesterday we had a sunny weather for a couple of minutes!!


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