Essence Moonlight Collection + Greenie

Hello everyone!

A couple of days ago I finally found the powder brushes from Essence Moonlight LE. And Essence All Access nail polish, that somehow became a hit in our stores?!

It's a gorgeous dark green, but I currently cannot wear is, because I have short nails and it would make them look even shorter.

Nihrida captured it, in all its beauty, you can see it here.

And the brushes, ah I was waiting for them patiently, for a month.. and when they finally got into the stores, the next day there was none left!
But luckily in DM, the LE collections come a bit later, and there they were.. the brushes!

I am also sorry for the lack of updates, it's been a really busy week for me. I've been assisting on photo shoots, and so on..
It was fun, but tiring.

Hopefully I will have some more time, next week.



  1. ohhhh
    I am wondering if the brushes are in Poland too...
    They look really nice. Are they expensive?

  2. I love the look of those brushes.. so cute with the pink tips!

  3. Aralka: If you have Essence, then probably YES! :D But the sad thing is, that in most places they are sold out, since the collection came out on November 1st. One brush was 3,20€ so not expensive at all, for its quality (it's super soft!).

    Tali: Yes, they are so pretty ^^.

  4. Congrats to your Essence MC LE brushes! Do you know that they are sold for 16 € at the German ebay now? What a horrible price! Damn, I must be ill because this MC LE don't turn me on. It's so fucking boring, especially the liners and e/s (bad quality alarm). Yuck!

  5. Mylanqolia: So true, this collection was plain boring, except for the brushes.. And that's only because I got the brushes from 50's Fever collection, and they were of a really nice quality...

    But 16€ for one damn ESSENCE brush?! That's just insane!

    The gentle blushers looked interesting (I think they were blushers?), but of such a weird color, that with them my hand looked .. normal. No color at all! Their next collection is boring too :(.

  6. I wish Essence was available in Canada!! The nail polish looks gorgeous and the pink brush tip is so cute!


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