A trip to Soča

This time I went with my dear, my parents and some relatives! It was fun but it took as a lot of time + driving time! We started from Koper, went to Grgar, then via Čepovan to Tolmin and from there to Bovec. There I went swimming with my dear, while the others went to Trenta. Then just the two of us headed to the airport, because my dear is a big fan of planes. And then I went to Bovec to check if I can find a store with 100% natural cosmetics. HA! The town has like 3 stores and only one holds some make up, and that are mostly lipsticks. Wtf. After that we all went to see some military base from the 1st century war. I suck with place names, so I don't remember the name. Next to it (or in front actually) is a loooong cave! After all that we got into a pizzeria and ate pizza! It was delicious, tho they didn't have much to chose from! From that we went to the airport again where I had my 3rd ice cold green tea of that day. Aaaaand then we headed back to Grgar where my parents have a weekend house, where we ate some cake and drank some Coke. Then it was finally time to go home. Uf that was a long trip! Sadly we didn't take lots of pictures, because we forgot + were too busy admiring everything.. From Čepovan to Tolmin view At some point we stopped, to see the view and there I hold my dog! Before I went swimming, a butterfly stopped on my nose (don't have any pictures), but after that little fellow went away a beetle landed on my head! Walking down some scary bridge! lol face... the thing was shaking! (wearing earrings I got from WinWin) The cave: After all it was really fun, but I regret not taking any more picture. I actually only took the picture of the cows which I didn't post. All other were taken by my dear.. Hmm I really need a small digital camera, because taking with you a HUGE backpack full of camera lenses and stuff like that, does really slow you down!

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