NOTD and awards!

Lets talk about my NOTD first.. :)

This was my nail of the day the day I went to Bovec (and the day before and after and so on)...
Illamasqua grab

And this is my NOTD now. I cut my nails short, because they were in a really bad bad shape, and I want them to be healthy...

I got a blog award from both WinWin and Parisky! Thank you girls!


The other award was from WinWin too! YAY!!


1. Acknowledge the person who sent you the award.
2. Nominate 7 other blogs.
3. Share your 7 personality traits so we can get to know you better

I don't like to tag people.. because when it comes to awards, I think it's not fair. I think everyone who reads my blog deserves these awards! So ladies these are for you ALL!

But here are my traits:

1. I can get angry really easily if someone is acting like they're something more than I am. Or if a SA acts if I'm noone and doesn't want to help me. Then I can be a total bitch and call their boss. Yap, a bitch! But in most cases my dear stops me before I can do anything..

2. I like to overreact. I mean.. what would be life without some little drama? Boriiiing!

3. I like to act as a lil girl. HAhaa... that totally works with guys.. like I'm a little helpless girl, help me? *_*

4. I get lost easily. If I don't drive, I tend to forget the places I've been to (or at least the way to get there..), nope that doesn't stay in my head.

5. I am clumsy. I bump into objects really ofter, even if I think I'll be able to pass by that sharp angle of the table... noooope! In most cases I bump into that, and end up with lots of bruises..
I hit into stuff when I sleep too.. I think? Because there's always one new, when I wake up..

6. I have a thing for Hello Kitty. Everyone knows that. But when I check the HK addicts forum.. I feel sick. That's just too much pink, cute, girly.. Like too much sugar.

7. I like to experiment with stuff. Food, clothes, make up. Everything. That's one reason my bf laughs at me when we eat outside. Simply because in most cases I get the worst thing that the restaurant has to offer. In most cases but not always!


  1. Haha :D Drama queen :D tisto s plavicami ... se vidi da smo v sorodu :P

  2. Congratulations on the awards! :)


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