Review: Fruit od the Earth Aloe Vera 100% Gel

Hello, everyone! It's finally time to write another review. I was thinking what should I review, because well I wanted to review something that is available in most countries wold wide.

And here it is! 100% Aloe vera gel from Fruit of the Earth, which is made in the USA. As first info, I'd like to tell that this is not 100% aloe vera gel because it has preservatives and stabilizers in it too. So not 100% aloe vera gel. But still. Let me tell you how I got to know this baby. A year or so ago started my mom's obsession with Aloe Vera. Everything that it in, was perfect for her. That's one reason why I couldn't even hear about aloe vera anymore... Well until this one. I found it in our bathroom, waiting to be used. I thought it was a hair gel, and I honestly didn't need it since I had another one. 

But then I actually took it into my hands and read the info. OMG, a multi-use product! Well, I didn't believe that it was that awesome, I mean how could it be? There's always a trick there! Not with this product. Na-a. I used it practically for almost anything. Insects bites, hair gel, on acne spots to dry them out, sun burnt places, ... 

+ The use of it. You can use it almost for anything (okay not for lube, eating etc but otherwise almost anything!). 
It has practically no smell 
+ I have it in the size of 170g and it's going to last forever! (6oz.)
+ the price, here it is 10€
+ but not over 12€. 
+It actually works. On blemishes, irritated skin, everything!! 
+It is in of a gel-like consistency. 
+The design. Pretty, sleek and superb for travel! 
+It is not tested on animals.

-The fact that if you put lots of it on the skin it takes some time to absorb it. 
-After applying it, the skin gets a little sticky.

Rating: 5/5 ♥ 

I love it. I honestly don't know how I survived without this product. Every summer I get bitten by mosquitoes and every summer I get the marks for at least 14 days. No product really helped me with that. But with this, I just apply it after the bite, let it dry (no scratching!!) and the next day the bite mark is absolutely gone! And for sunburns, it helps a lot because it cools the skin and helps the irritation. For better result, I keep it in the fridge because I love cooling products! I just can't rave enough about how much I like it. It's well perfect. You can get it in smaller, bigger, jumbo packages. It's practically for everyone. For men - it can be used as an after shave product, of they can put them on the irritated skin when acne starts from shaving. I'd recommend it to everyone. It's truly a must have and absolutely a holy grail!


  1. I love aloe vera!! it save my skin last time when i got a very very bad sun burnt on my back coz i forgot to put on sun block,i cant even wear my bra coz of the bra strap,or move my shoulders and arms to hook my bra,imagine how bad it is..i bought a tube of aloe vera gel and its so cooling and it heal my skin so fast that after 2 days my pain and redness was relieved.In asia we have aloe vera yogurt too

  2. When ever I get sunburned (especially this past Easter) I put aloe vera on it. We have a big plant in my backyard.

  3. We have two aloe vera plants at home (in pots tho), but I'm not sure what to do with them. Plus I think my mom wouldn't be too happy if I just chopped pieces of the plant ;D.

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