Giveaway update!

Don't forget everyone. The giveaway ends in two days! It ends on June 15 at midnight GMT +1. I will pick the winners right the next day and will wait for the emails with the adress info for three days. Then I will ship the items. So it's about to end! ^^ I have a tag to do and I have to post three awards, but today it's going to be hella stresfull, especially since I didn't sleep enough! Have a nice day, gals! (this picture was taken like a year ago, while I was bored the hell out of me, and my dear was playing with plane models, ha!)


  1. you took that picture?! its so pretty! what camera do you use?

  2. WoW you really took this picture?
    Pretty! :)

  3. How on earth did you manage to get such a good shot of the bee?! Awesome photo!

  4. Ha. That was like the first time I tried Canon D30. At that time I didn't want to let go of Canon D400. :)

    Yup I took this picture.

  5. what a pretty pic! id be too scared to get close to that bee hahaha

  6. nice pics... n yea... i wished to win the giveaway~ hahaa~~

  7. Hihi, a se ti še jaz prijavim? Neee. Bom drugič. =P

    Adorable award:

  8. Aww this picture is so pretty! Nice colours!


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