FOTD: Blue and a tad of Green

YAY I have 100 followers! Thank you all of you, my dear followers! Today I wanted to do a simple make up, but a really simple and quick one. I also decided that I will use only 1 palette (the blueish one without a brand name), a primer (I used nivea's golden cream eyeshadow for it), a black eye pencil and blue eyeliner + mascara. Pretty simple eh? Here are the results (the pictures are really not that pretty as the last one, but I'm trying, I'm trying):  

The make up was a bitter more on the blue side than it seems on the picture. But since I wear glasses too, I wanted to show you how it looked with glasses: 


The make up:

I once wore this exact make up when I went to the dance lesions with my dear. I thought that it was a bit too much for there, but it was really pretty! I'm not wearing any blusher, bronzer etc. Just a bit of liquid foundation. I think I should have contoured my face a bit, it looks nice on picture with contour. Oh well. 
So I used: 
*Manhattan face primer 
*Revlon ColorStay liquid foundation in 150 Buff 
*Nivea cream eyeshadow in gold (as a primer) 
*Blue and green eyeshadow without a brand 
*Light gray eyeshadow under the brows 
*Guerlian blue eyeliner 
*Essence black kajal pencil 
*L'Oreal Collagene Mascara 
*Essence brows shadow in light brown I forgot to mention that this make up was actually inspired (when I did it the first time) on a make up that Jagodka did. 


  1. Yay! Green! Tale je pa podoben tistemu mojemu iz teme step-by-step. Zelo lepooo! Na očala ful dobro paše. ;)

  2. You look so cute with glasses! :)

  3. Hehe...zdaj moram pa res na blog objavit step-by-step, da bo mal povezave. ;)


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