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Monday, October 20, 2014

NOTD: Acrylics #1 and #2


I am still on a short hiatus, well kind of. But I totally wanted to show you how my "learning acrylics" journey went.

I was scared for many, many years of acrylics because of the strong chemicals used in the process (smelly, maybe not exactly strong).
Well I wanted to learn something new, so I bought a set off Born Pretty Store and started learning.

I watched a bunch of Youtube videos and off I went..

I have the french manicure acrylics set, which includes a translucent, a pink and a white acrylic powder.

My first try was with a bunch of false nails, because there was no way in hell, I'd let that stuff near my fingers!

But after a couple of days of testing and playing I wanted to do it on my nails. Because then I would be so much more careful and well... looking for mistakes.

Well first, it took me quite a while to do all then nails. 3 hours in total, if I am not mistaken. That's a lot. A LOT! And only about 45min for the application part. Most of the time I was buffing the nails and making them even. I am sure the pros can do it quicker because they are awesome like that. I can't (yet? I don't know if I will continue the acrylics journey, I prefer builder gel, but that's for another time).

Did it stink? Oh boy, did it stink!
First nails!

They weren't even and I had some air trapped underneath (I saw that later), which made me extremely nervous. I practically ripped them off (and some I did soak in acetone). 

A couple of days I made these. Quicker and with white powder. 

I liked them. So I added a layer of white polish and some nail art (stickers and tape). 

I had these for a month or so. I did enjoy wearing them, but the used to part took me two days. I over-buffed these puppies and felt it. 
They are also thicker than I'd like them to be. Much thicker than gel!

But overall I was happy with my learning. I may or may not continue with the learning of the way of Acrylics, but I did had a blast!

I will write next about my time learning to work with builder gel. Stay tuned!

Did you ever wear acrylics?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Cosnova Beauty Bloggers Event 2014, Ljubljana [Picture heavy]

Hello darlings!

Do you remember last year when I had the honor to be invited to my first event ever? It was the ah-mazing event held by Cosnova (Essence & Catrice). If you haven't read it yet, you can do it here

Well... this year they did it again! And not only I was invited again, but I got to meet a lot of our Slovenian beauty bloggers! Some I knew from before and some I met for the first time. 

But let's begin...  where it all started.

 First; I was minding my own business when I decided to check my email inbox. I had an email from the Slovenian PR department of Cosnova. The title was telling it all and that's when I started screaming in excitement. Ahem, excuse me while I go revive these memories. *glee*

Cue, a month later...[yesterday]

Ajda and TjaĊĦa picked me up from my parking space and off we went to meet the other bloggers. We get to the bar where everyone is supposed to be and there we find about 3/4 of the bloggers. Shortly after we leave to hitch the Funicular Railway to the Ljubljana castle. 

Okay, here we are now. At the Ljubljana castle, gathering together for the big event. It's 2 pm now. The most courageous of us decide to go in. Everyone else follows. 

And now imagine... You are standing in front of a lift. Waiting patiently (but yet excitedly) to get in so you can experience, well everything. It's your turn. Yay! Chatting with other excited fellow bloggers...  and there you come. At the check in. You tell who you are (thanks god there were no complications, like.. you are who? Who?? No, not on the list, sorry?), and off you go. 

You see this:  

A huge white room (of which for some reason I DO NOT have photos), with sparkly floors. In my excitement I totally got overboard in the joy of the floors..  

The floors had lights in them. This made me extremely happy, and I don't know why. I feel like this is important for you to know. *laughs*

Everything is exquisitely decorated. From the tables around the room, to extra details everywhere. Flowers, Catrice and Essence products. Also food. Heaven practically. 
You stand there taking everything in, in awe. Am I dreaming? 

Then everything begins. Hands shaking here and there, everyone smiling. And click, the first photo is taken.

The mood was fantastic, we even got a nice glass of something great (a smoothie I think?). Then everyone took a seat and the presentation slowly began. 

We learned what new trend editions/limited editions will come out, what is the inspiration behind them and what is the main motive behind the company. It is cheap & great quality, of course. Everyone should be able to afford great products. Quality shouldn't come with a high price tag!

After the presentation they told us we can take up to ten products home. 
That's where beauty bloggers went crazy. I mean, what was expected? Ten products of your liking? Hello, yes!! 

So it went from this (everyone calmly taking photos)... 
[taking a photo is Ana Ina from Lovely Little Luxuries]

 To this.. (everyone making a line for the products grab). 

Ohhh, don't get me wrong. I did join them. And I sure as heck wasn't just looking there, haha.  But before that I took my chance and grabbed some food. 

Food. Boy, was it wonderful! From macaroons, cupcakes, canapes, cake pops to cake. There was even a coffee pot (thermos? what the heck is that called?). 

Everything tasted delicious. I got a confirmation that macaroons are way too sweet for my liking (even if these weren't that sweet). I forgot to taste the cupcakes, but the canapes were delicious. 

This coffee was a godsend. I haven't had a better tasting coffee in my life. What was in it? What was in it?!? I need more of it! *ahem*

Fanfares start [not for real, in my head only].
Then came cake

Do I need to add more? No, I don't think I need to add more. 
This was a delicious panna cotta kind of flavour explosion. 

The bloggers kind of... went shy when I wanted to take pictures of them. Not all of them, but some. I hope we all look great in the professional photos!

[Sandra from the Angel Beauty blog.]

[Ajda from Ajda's blog.]

Did I mention there was some activity available? You could get your nails done (I had them done!), and your make up too. 

Some TE/LEs

Coming out in time for Christmas!

After a while everyone was left to eat/drink and chat. We got thanked for your time and for our help with spreading the world about Catrice & Essence (I think? Yes?). 

Everyone was still excited. We wanted to go home and play with the new products. But wait, what is this? Everyone is shaking our hands and wishing us a great day and then each of us got TWO MORE BAGS full of MORE products (!!). 

We are all like kids in a toys store. Seriously. Almost, I mean almost screaming in excitement. The struggle is real. *must look professional*

Some of us girls go grab a coffee (I may have or may have not overdosed on coffee that day). 
We had to check what we got. Excitement ensures again. 

So THANK YOU COSNOVA & co (and their lovely Slovenian PR manager Natalija) for the amazing event! It was very well done and the food was delicious. 


Now.. to the goodies part. You were all probably waiting for this part, right? 
What did we get? 

We got spoiled! Seriously. 

I am very happy that I got to meet all the lovely girls. Some I knew from before, for some I was excited when I  realised they still blog (hey Nihrida!) and all in all I had a great time. 

Also thank you Gejba, it was nice to see you again! 

I hope this kind of writing had you entratained, let me know if you liked it or not. 

P.S. If anyone knows what kind of coffee that was.. or where I can get it. Please let me know. I *need* it in my life.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Empties #10


It seems that whenever I post an empties post, I get a product used up the exact same day. Kind of funny, isn't it?

Balea After Sun Duche LE
This was colored blue and had a strong artificial coconut scent. It was very refreshing and it was meant to be used after sunbathing. I don't sunbathe but it did feel great after a hot sunny day.
It was fine, but it is not for colored days. 
Repurchase? Maybe.

Philoset Bio Soak
My to-go contact lenses solution. It is one of the cheapest in our stores/pharmacies and does its job well. My eyes don't sting after use and it cleans my lenses well.
Repurchase? Yes!

Balea Young Dusche Nasch Katze
I am a sucker for cute packaging, so I had to get it. It has cherries on, cherries, get it?
The gel shower wasn't all that great, it had a strong artificial cherry scent that somehow wasn't all that pleasant. Not sweet, but sour. Hm.
Repurchase? No.

Catrice Liquid Liner - waterproof
I don't know how many I used up since last year this time, when I got one from the Catrice & Essence event. Three? Four? Anyway, I love it and hope it doesn't get discontinued. Ever!
Repurchase? YES!

I still have a bunch of used up product pictures on my camera, but first I need to have a stable internet connection. 

Stay tuned for a changed blog (layout and some fun new posts)!

Have fun,

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