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Bioderma Hydrabio H2O + Creme

Every day, pollution, stress, cold weather, etc. disrupt the skin's cellular activity. It no longer knows how to deeply generate or retain on the surface the water it needs for its natural balance. 
The skin becomes dehydrated, uncomfortable and more sensitive and loses its radiance.
Found in the full range of Hydrabio products, the Aquagenium™ patent stimulates the skin's cellular capacities and reactivates its natural hydration process*. *upper layers of the skin

Well, this sounded promising, but how well did it do on my dehydrated combination skin? Let's find it out in the post below.

Little Cuties from Blippo Kawaii Shop

I have always been a fan of cute items. Even more, since my kid was born and I had an extra excuse to have lots of cute stuff laying around our home. :D 

Blippo Kawaii Shop sent me a bunch of kawaii items which if nothing else, will make you smile ;).

ZaFul eyewear + a little bracelet

A while ago I was contacted by ZaFul and asked to work with them. After checking their site and the products they have to offer, I decided to give it a go and picked up 4 items.

Three of the items I picked up are these amazing looking sunglasses that make every damn look, look hip and trendy!

Petitfee Black Pearl & Gold Eye Patch

Black Pearl which contains 20 kinds of mineral and amino acid for no blemish clear and gorgeous skin.
Vitality of gold keeps healthy skin tone and vital eye-skin.
Intensive care for sensitive and weak eye-skin with this taegeuk-shaped eye patch.

But why did I buy the eye patches? 
Truth to be told, I liked the idea of using them and I wanted to see if they are any good. Well, let me tell you about them in this little post :).

Surprising Pieces Of Advice You Need For The Ultimate Manicure!

Having a manicure is one of the best ways to give yourself a necessary boost. You will look at your nails throughout the day and seeing the sparkly new color will definitely leave you smiling. A good manicure is also a must if you are heading to a special event or party. It’s also ideal for showing off a new ring if you have just got engaged or married. But a lot of people get stuck when trying to do a manicure at home. Here are some surprising pieces of advice you need for the ultimate manicure.

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