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Essence Made To Sparkle TE

Essence Made To Sparkle

I've been avoiding Essence Trend Editions as nothing really excited me (considering PR photos). 
But once I laid my eyes on the collection Made to Sparkle I changed my mind. 

I wanted to see how good is the liquid lipstick is and what exactly is in the mystery bag full of sequins. 

LOVinity nail polish in Olive Obsession (263)

LOVinity nail polish in Olive Obsession (263)

I must admit. I just got rid of a similar nail polish color (by OPI) and I was so happy about it. This color makes all the pinks in my skin visible and I'm not a fan of that. 

But the thing is, a day or so later, I got this nail polish on my doorstep. It's called Olive Obsession which is quite funny. I love olives (as food). 

BBMU 2017

BBMU 2017

It's been a year since the last BBMU (2016) and two years from the first one in 2015.
This year the lectures were even better than the years before and they made us think quite hard about who we are as bloggers and vloggers.

I think the whole event was awesome as it brought us together as a community. The atmosphere was super nice, everyone was kind and happy and kind of glowing.

New in: October 2017

New in: October 2017

I've been regularly writing about all the New ins that come to my doorstep for more than a year. That's quite a bit of time.

But if you'd like to see what I got last month (when I started my No buy), you can read all about it here - New in September 2017.

Long4Lashes - The Beginning [Nov 2017]

Long4Lashes eyelash serum

I am testing a product which is a first for me - it's a lash growth serum by Oceanic and this is the beginning of my story. I received the product for testing purposes from Dragocena.si.

I've heard of expensive serums working "wonders" for your lashes (40€ +) but this one promises the same results for a fraction of the price (23€).

This is the beginning of a long journey during which I'll keep you updated. 
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