Monday, April 20, 2015


 I love wearing lipsticks and I think these will be a big hit this Spring! 

Here they are;

They go from nudes, to pinks and a peach colour. All in all there are 6 lipsticks. I don't feel that red is a Spring colour, but then again I may be sporting a dark red during night time or for partying. I am not saying it is forbidden, just that red is a very Winter lip colour. But of course, these are just my recommendations. 

Bourjois Fuchsia Libre (10€): A vivid cold pink that looks a bit purple in the package but goes on jelly like, so very lightly. I can see myself wearing this colour a lot! 
Bourjois Peach at the Beach (10€): A peach creamy lipstick, goes on very lightly but looks very natural when applied with a light hand. Perfect for colder nights. 
Catrice Mission PinkPossible (6€): This is a more glossy lipstick, goes on a bit harder/sticker and lasts a very long time. After it's already gone it leaves a strong stain. A hot pink colour perfect for most skin tones. 
Catrice Muave your lips (5€): 90's are still in and so are brown-ish lips. Nude lips are welcome anywhere, even if they are not your natural lip color. I love this lipstick, because it looks so natural and feels nicely on my lips. The staying power is also great (about 4-5 hours).
Catrice  License to Pink (4€): This is a jelly lipstick that will be my The lipstick this Spring. I can see myself wearing it during work hours, to grab a coffee or something. It doesn't have a strong staying power (2-3 hours).
Essence Natural Beauty (2€): For those that aren't into pinks or for days when I want to wear a lipstick, but it has to be low-maintenance is this the thing. Goes on creamy, looks natural and lasts quite a while (4-5 hours). Also, it's inexpensive. 

Which colours will you be sporting this Spring?

Friday, April 17, 2015


I had a chance to grab this Bourjois bag for 13.95€ and I thought it was a great deal. It officially includes 1 mascara, 1 lipstick and two mini nail polishes

Mine however included one lippie extra and I couldn't be happier. I showed it to the emploiees of the store and they said to just buy it, since it was wrongly packaged, they can't do a thing

All out!

 Bourjois Lipsticks in Peach at the Beach & Fuchsia Libre (~10€): These lippies come in crayon/pencil form, I must admit they are the first lipstick that I have in such a form. All of mine come in the classic lipstick form. But this is so much more fun! It has a twist-able bottom, so you can get all the product out. The Peach lipstick is very creamy and can be too easily overdone. It is very hydrating and looks light on the lips, but it accentuates all the dry patches. However the Fuchsia lipstick goes on light and is very moisturising. I can see myself using it instead of a lip balm. Perfect! They don't last a long time, but I didn't expect much from such jelly like lipsticks.

Mini nail polishes (~3€): I was really surprised by them. In a good sense. They are very opaque and dry quickly. I am not a fan of the plastic wrap instead of printed text on them, but then again, that's just me. You can see the swatches & a more in depth review, here

Volume 1 seconde Mascara (14€): I tried this mascara just so I could take the picture you see below. It is a damn expensive mascara on its own, but luckily it came in this grab bag! The mascara has this big and soft brush, that helps with adding length to my eyelashes. If I add another layer of mascara (I never apply a mascara more than twice), there is some volume, but not much. I do however like it, my eyes didn't burn while I was wearing it (there was some eye watering action) and that's a huge plus. But then again, I am not very picky when it comes to mascaras. I like lenght, volume and non-irritating formulas. Yeah. :D 

I think that overall this was a great purchase! Now, to find the grab bag by Isadora...  =D

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I saw that Bourjois has this mini samples beauty bag that was relatively non-expensive compared to other Bourjois products.
The bag was 14€ and it contained 5 different products (officially 4, but someone made a mistake when packaging this one!).   

In this post I will show you the two mini polishes I got in it and tell you a little bit more about them. The bag review will come later, I still need to take pictures. ;)

If I got this correctly, the names are  1913 - Cendres de roses and 2013 - Bon Anniversaire!

1913 Cendre de Roses is a dirty de-saturated pink. It's a powdery rose pink, it really is a vintage color. Reminds me of old times, when I wasn't born. I didn't use any base or top coat in my picture and I apologize deeply for the crashed cuticles. The application was lovely, since it has a tiny brush it took some precision (which I am seriously lacking), but the formula makes it up for it. Creamy, well pigmented and quick drying. I could totally get away with just one layer. But only with a base coat under, because the ridges show up terribly with just one layer. It dries to a semi matte (satin) finish

2013 Bon Anniversaire is a berry pink color. Looks darker in the bottle than it does on the nails. It is very opaque but still needs two layers for full opacity on nails. Two thin layers to be exact. I didn't use any top or base coat with it either. I had problems with the small brush, but the formula was fantastic. It does dry to a satin finish

I think that these tiny bottles are very cute, but I don't like how they are sealed. They contain a plastic wrap seal and when I peeled it off from the first polish, I took it off the bottle completely (because there was a big white sticker saying GIFT all over it). And do you know what's under the clear sticker (with the name and all?). Nothing. Absolutely nothing. So I would prefer if they had imprinted the names, at least the brand. 
The brushes are obviously small and take a bit of practice or at least some precision. But as I said, the formula on both of them is great. Smooth, creamy, non streaky. Lovely. 

I think the price tag for them in the package is great, a deal, a steal (in the bag it comes to 2.8€ for each product) - that's it in my bag that was wrongly packaged. Not that I mind. Otherwise it would come to be less than 4€ for a product. Hm, which is expensive for a nail polish.  
These polishes aren't available anymore, because they came out two years ago in 2013 for Bourjois's 150th anniversary. 

Did you see any of the minies in store? 

Monday, April 13, 2015

A new Empties post, because I'd like to keep updated with my empty products. So I don't hoard pictures of them and then forget about them. I sometimes do get forgetful..  =P

Philoset Bio Soak Contact lenses solution (~10€) 

A lovely solution that is easy on the wallet. It does its job well - cleans my lenses between uses and sometimes I do moisturize my lenses while I am wearing it. That's some extreme cases, but it happens. It's intended for soft lenses and I think it is a great product for the price. 
Repurchase? Yes.

Balea Shower gel & Shampoo for Kids (1,5€)

 I picked up this, so I could use it for my kid. I put it in his bath water so it bubbles up. I don't use it as a shampoo for him, but he doesn't mind. He likes to drink the bath water (sometimes, when he thinks nobody is watching) and luckily it hasn't caused any problems - he tried to do that with Paloma shower gels and they burned his mouth when he spat it. So there's that. 
Repurchase? Maybe.

Balea Shower Gel Cocos & Nectarine (1€)  

This has to be one of my favorite scents from the Balea line. It's so fresh and lovely and discontinued. It is still available in some DMs for a reduced price. It smells lovely and it leaves my skin feeling smooth. It doesn't dehydrate it. 
Repurchase? Discontinued.

Catrice Mattifying oil control paper (~4€)

 I am not sure abut this product. I used it only because I got it as a gift. I think I used it up in a month or two of constant use. Which is about 3 papers per day? I liked them when I did use them, since they did remove the extra shine from my T zone. But I don't really know if they are worth the price. I feel they should do a better job for the price cap. 
Repurchase? I am not sure. 

Alverde Clear Waschcreme Heilerde (2,6€) 

A staple in my beauty bag. I use it daily and I love it. It has almost no scent (some natural-ish thing...) and works well. It doesn't irritate my skin and it cleans well. It is also very gentle.
Repurchase? Yes, forever!

Johnson's Baby Shampoo (?)

I had a very hard time finishing this bottle of shampoo. It is just too much product, especially since I don't like it. It made my hair dry and coarse and I hated to use it. But I did find a use for it - make up brushes cleansing. That's a job it did well. I also didn't use it on the kid, except for once when he cried that it buuuuurns. Huh, ok.
Repurchase? Hell no!!

Swiss - O - Par Silver Hair Mask (~3€)

This is one of the first anti-yellow hair products I purchased. I liked that it left my hair soft and nourished after each use. But I did use it excessively and in one month, it was gone. 
It did help a bit with the yellow tone, but not as much as the shampoo did. Overally it is a nice product, but maybe not the best.
Repurchase? Maybe. 

Do you have any of these products? 

Friday, April 10, 2015


I wanted to buy a couple of the new reformulated Essence polishes, that go by the name Gel polishes. They were launched this month, and most of the pretty shades are already gone. The thing is, they aren't real gel polishes, just regular polishes that stay shiny for a long time.

I thought I may have a bit of luck, because here most of the collections stay intact, but no. These polishes were gone as a hot bun! Damn.
But I still managed to get four pretty colors. In this post I'll tell you a bit about them.

You can read Taya's massive review + comparison of them, or see a comparison post from Katja.

I was fully expecting Essence to just reformulate the existing (old) polishes, and keep them as they were. But they didn't. They changed the formula (for the better!) and tweaked with the colors just a tiny bit. Some are very much the same (or similar), and only us polish-obsessed girls would notice the difference. Others are completely new (like the gorgeous light lime yellow that I am still lemming over).

I must say; the formula is amazing on all the four polishes I picked up. I am not sure if the brush is different too (maybe shorter?), but the application was flawless.
Except for my cuticles & nails. Excuse them, I didn't use any base & top coat. And my nails are full of ridges... 

I don't know how long does the shine last, because I prefer to use glossy top coats. Or if I am really in the mood I wait 24h and then top my manicure with a gel top coat. Then it surely is shiny ;).

Let's get lost - is one of the polishes that remind me of Spring. It's beautiful on its own, but I am sure it will have its appearance in some nail art manicures. The application was nice, nothing to add here. However since I didn't use any base coat, it did stain my nails a bit. And this was only after a couple of minutes. I think a base coat with this beauty is a must! 

Our Sweetest Day - Is a lovely light pink shimmery polish. It looks like fine purple holo microglitter from up close. And from far away it looks like a gorgeous nude polish. I think it will be great as a work safe manicure. It is build-able and dries quickly. I used two layers in this picture. Again I had no problems at all with the application. 

Play with my Mint - This has to be my favorite polish from the bunch I got. It's so fresh and minty. It's more vivid from the "old" one and it looks so much better on me. I am very excited about it. The application was nice, but the ridges will show (if you have any) if you won't use a base coat. Drying time was OK. Application was lovely! It went on a bit "drier" than the Jucy (pink) or Let's get lost, but it goes on smoothly nonetheless. I used two layers for full opacity on nude nails. 

Lucky - This is the polish I was the most excited about, before I bought it. The formula is a bit jelly like, it goes on smoothly and needs two layers for full opacity. I don't have a similar shade in my collection, even if I do have lots of pink polishes. It's just in between some shades, which makes it unique in my eyes. It is lovely and so was the application. I used two layers.  

I hope there will be many, many bloggers with better and mire in-depth swatches than mine were. But still, here it is and I hope you like it!

Do you have any of the new polishes?
How do you like them?
 Do you want more of them?

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Today's review is about these Aveo pads, that I picked at Muller for 0.95€. 

They are very affordable and since I wanted to try such a way of removing nail polish, I picked them up. 

The packaging: Is sturdy, looks nice and it seems that it does its job. There was no leaking of the remover and there is no scent once the lid is tightly on.

Each package has 30 pads in it. The pads are very thin, I'd say paper thin and are somewhat moist. They are more on the dry side, which honestly, surprised me. 

The scent: It's strong, but not overpowering (not until you leave the package open for a couple of minutes). It has a distinctive papaya scent, but not too sweet since there's some Citrus in it too. 
So I'd say it's an OK scent. Artificial, but that was to be expected, after all it's a nail polish remover. 

How did it do? I had textured Kiko polish on my nails, which is a pain to remover any way. With these pads it took me one full pad and some vigorous scrubbing to remove the polish from one nail. 

I later tried to remove different polishes with it;  light cream polishes went off great, I needed 1 pad for one hand. For dark polishes it was 2 pads for one hand.

After the removal there was this sticky film left. Not exactly on my nails, but on my skin, on the table where I put down the used pad. Yuck! 

+ It's cheap
+ study package
+ It's an OK remover (but not for glitter / textured polishes)
+ The scent is nice
+ non drying formula 

- leaves a sticky residue behind
- I wish the pads contained more liquid / were more moist

These are my first pre-packaged nail polish remover pads, and for such an experience I think they did OK. Not extremely well, but for such a price I didn't expect much. They did their job well, the scent is OK and I really wish they didn't leave a sticky residue behind. I do like that it has a non drying formula (for the cuticles and skin).
I hope Aveo will come out with more different kinds of these, because I can see myself using them on the go. Overally I am pleased with them, but will be waiting for an upgraded version/new scents before repurchasing. 

Monday, April 6, 2015


Spring is officially here and with it, the time for pastels. We all love pastels. It's regular colors, just lighter. And which season would be the best for such colors, if not Spring? :D

Here are my 4 top picks of polishes for this Spring.

Light Yellow - By The New Black
Pastel mint - By Essence
Pastel Orange - textured - by Kiko
Pastel purple - by Barry M 

The new Black - yellow (I don't like the formula nor drying time, but it's my only light yellow which is perfect for spring!)
Kiko - 650 Peach
Barry M -NP308
Essence - Always on my mint

Which colors are your top choices for Spring?

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