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Vichy IDEAL SOLEIL 3-in-1 Tinted Anti-Dark Spots Care SPF50+

You know I'm all about sun protection, right? Even in the middle of a cold, freezing Winter. Yes, even then.
That's because sun rays damage our skin even after the colder months of the year. And well, most of the colder months I'm using an active product and I'd need a good sunscreen anyway.

Product I've been LOVING - Elizavecca Cer 100

Elizavecca CER 100 review

Hair care hasn't really been a topic on my blog simply because I never put much thought into it
I use shampoos, hair conditioners, and hair masks, cheap and expensive ones, but nothing really made a big difference with my hair. Until now.

Today I will be talking about a product that excited me simply because I saw a difference in my hair while using it. My hair is softer, looks shinier and feels less coarse than it did before.

Ladies and gentleman, this right here is the product I'm talking about - Elizavecca Cer 100.

NOTD: Avon Rain Washed

Avon Rain Washed Nail Polish

Avon came out with a new line of theirs. It's called MARK and it consists of several cosmetics products.

One of the products that I got to try right away is a nail polish from their line. It's named Rain Washed.  I also included a small video clip of it in my post!

Best Vitamins For Beautiful Skin

healthy skin
Written by: Diana Bailey

Many people tend to associate vitamins and minerals to just overall health and fitness. In the world of cosmetics, facial treatments and all other forms of bottled products are used to heal and support skin problems. But in fact, there are other better and more natural solutions.

It is obvious that your physical appearance easily reflects your diet, and the type of lifestyle you have. Fewer people tend to care about their skin because of the fact that it can be easily covered by concealer and foundation. However, your skin can tell you more about your health.

NOTD: Essence Space Stories - 01 Outta space is the place

Essence Outta space is the place nail polish

It's been quite a long time since I posted a manicure. It's not that I don't do manicures anymore, but ti's more like me forgetting to take pictures of them. Whoops!

But today I'm here to talk about a very special nail polish. It's by Essence and it's called Outta space is the place.

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