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Winter Skin Care: 4 Moisturizing Tips for the Cold Weather Months

4 Moisturizing Tips for the Cold Weather Months

Written by: Diane Elizabeth

The chilly temps are upon us, and while we do love sipping on our gingerbread lattes and can’t deny the beauty of a gentle snowfall, we really don’t love the toll this cold weather takes on our skin!

Hydrated skin is the key to youthful skin, so this dry air has us running around in circles trying to figure out ways to keep the dryness out and the moisture in so our skin isn’t at risk for accelerated ageing.

We’re happy to tell you that we think we’ve found the perfect tips to ensure your skin stays hydrated and protected all season long!

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Makeup Wishlist Tag

Makeup Wishlist Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Keep Calm and Wear Lipstick (Sandra) who shared her makeup wishlist with us.
My job was simple - I had to pick my favourite makeup items that I'd like to own and share them with all of you.
But of course that would be just too easy, wouldn't it be? 
I really don't have any makeup item that I need to have so my list is a bit different. But I still put some thought into it and well, here are the items I'd like to own one day or the other. 

Facts To Know Before Getting Cartilage Piercings

Facts To Know Before Getting Cartilage Piercings
Written by: Sarah Morris

Other than the regular piercings, the next most common piercings are cartilage piercings. It's a unique experience where a different kind of artistic accessory gives you a bold look. You may be courageous enough to brave this piercing, but you may still be wondering what to expect when you finally have that cartilage piercing. You’re on the right track. It’s crucial to do your research regarding body modifications before going through the whole process. It's exciting to get your first cartilage piercing; you might do some initial research on it. You might want to know what to expect when you have it done. Read through this article for some facts to know before getting cartilage piercings.

New in: September, October 2018

New in: September, October 2018

I accumulated a couple of new products in the past two months. It's that time of the month (well now it's a bi-monthly thing so ... yeah) where I share what I got and what I was sent (marked with a*). 

Shall we start? 

Empties #25

I talked about my empties back in March. It was the Empties #24 post. 
I managed to accumulate several other empties in the meantime, but I didn't feel like talking about them as there were so many.

I also kept on postponing my post as it takes me a lot of time to write as there are several mini-reviews in it. But alas, here is the newest Empties post!
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