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BALEA Tuchmaske SWEET MANGO (Sheet mask)


Balea (Drogerie Markt home brand) recently came out with a line of sheet masks. 
Sheet masks are a bit unusual in our part of the world (Europe) but are slowly dripping to the market. 

The sheet masks come in three versions - Cool Melon (with Watermelon extract), Sweet Mango (with mango extract) and Fancy Pomegranate (with grapefruit extract).

I've tested the Sweet Mango version and here's how it went.

Essence Rain or Shine Palette

Essence Rain or Shine Palette

With all the new things that came on the Essence stands, this palette is something that got my attention. It's called Rain or Shine.

The design is adorable - a metal box with four eyeshadows, a translucent powder, an eyebrow powder and a rainbow highlighter.

And today I'm here to tell you all about it.

NEW IN: August 2017

New in august 2017

I thought that I didn't purchase a lot of things last month. I was wrong. I was very wrong. Now I also know where all my money went. :o

But if you are curious what I got last month you can read it here - New in July 2017

Anway, the deed has been done and here are all the new things from last month. I guess it's safe to say that from now on I'm shopping only my stash (I'm still waiting on some online purchases). 

August 2017 FAVORITES

August 2017 FAVORITES

My last favorites post was back in June when I discovered some new products that I love. You can read all about it in this post - Favorites of June 2017.

Since Summer came to an end (ah, bye bye, you will be missed dearly!) I put together a small list of the products that got me excited in the last month.

There are only five but best things come in ... well more than one, haha. Anway, here they are. 

Womanizer 2GO + GIVEAWAY

Womanizer 2GO

Continuing this week of sensual toys review it's time I share with you all a product that came to the market as complete innovation with its special technology.

I'm talking about the Womanizer in the 2GO version.

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