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Review: Innisfree IT'S REAL SQUEEZE MASK Strawberry

Innisfree IT'S REAL SQUEEZE MASK Strawberry Review

I love sheet masks. I truly do. I find them to be a cheap and quick boost for your skin.

Today I'll be talking about the Innisfree It's real Squeeze masks. 

NOTD: Trend it Up UV Powergel 040

 Trend it Up UV Powergel 040

It's been a while since the child brand from DM - Trend it up came to Slovenia. And I couldn't be happier because it's another great and inexpensive brand which means that you can play with many products even when on a low budget!

This time I was testing their UV line, which is a bit special. Why? Read on.

New in: December 2016

december haul 2016

Whew, a month went by. And of course, it's time to share with you all what I got in December. 
If you are curious about the previous month, you can check the post -  New in November 2016

Favorites of 2016

Favorites of 2016

It's incredible how time flies by. Just yesterday it was hot and we dreamed of a nice sunny day by the sea, and today ... well, it's the new year! We are in 2017 people, we survived 2016! 

Take a minute and just think about it. 2016 was a train wreck. 
Not for everyone, but speaking generally (all the deaths, look WHO is the president of the USA, etc). 

But I am not here today to tell you about the year 2016. No, I'm here to talk about the products I tried and loved all through 2016. 

Facts About Laser Hair Removal You Should Know

facts you should know about laser hair removal
With so many different ways to remove hair, it can be hard to decide which one will work best. If you've been doing it at home for years, you're probably tired of repeating the routine so many times. Lately, you hear talk about how much better laser machines can do at removing that unsightly hair. It's time to learn the truth about hair removal with lasers.
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