Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I think this was one of the best purchases I ever did. Seriously. 
Uh, ok let's go back to the beginning. 

Last summer I got into the hype of Vitamin C serums. I liked the claims so much (cleans PIH - Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation - that's those marks left after acne) and since my skin was crazy ugly with so much PIH, I actually needed it in my life. 

I purchased it off Jolse, and had no problems whatsoever with them. I think it even got through customs without a dent. 

Btw, I purchased through Jolse because I got a decent price with the sale going on. I think in the end it was about $18 (incl. shipping)?

This is the box it came in. I looked through other reviews, so it wasn't a surprise when I got it. Tho I still liked the packaging of it! 

I remember reading and comparing it to similar products (before I purchased it) and realizing it's damn great for its price range. Also powerful. 

You are supposed to keep it in the fridge, so it stays good and fresh (Vit C is photosensitive, and goes bad in light). I had it for a long time and it went bad (it went from this pale yellow to brownish liquid) only after moving to a different place. That's when I couldn't keep it refrigerated for a couple of hours :(. 

So, the use is simple;
Wash your face, apply a toner and then this Serum. I would suggest waiting 20 mins between the toner and the serum plus another 20 after it, before applying your cream. 
It has something to do with the skin's pH and the product working its magic. 

The scent is very lemony (as in citrus not the perfume version), very sour. When I applied it on my skin it smelled like a pharmacy + sour. It's not something that would bother me, because it's not overpowering.

At first I found it to be a bit too strong for me (when I first started using it), my skin would feel dry and warm/a bit itchy on some areas, but with regular use it went away.

You are probably wanting to know how did the results look? Here it is (click image to view a bigger version=:

Before: Lot's of PIH, some cystic acne, discoloration, red areas (em.. IDK?), some acne. Not a pretty sigh ;_; - stressed skin!
After: SO much better. I did get some acne after, but nothing that bad. And I could go without foundation around. Here's a better after picture (the before foundation picture).

Did it work?
Well, yes. It took about 2 months to see any results, even if I was procrastinating a lot. I used it about 2x/week, sometimes even more times, when I remembered to. 

I liked how my skin looked after using it regularly. It changed my use of foundations! 
Also, you need to use a sunscreen during the day, because the skin may become a bit photosensitive! 

I need it again, because lately my skin has been very stressed and I am starting to get cystic acne on my cheeks, which is totally WTF and uncharacteristic for me. ;_;

+ Totally worked for me!
+ Not so expensive considering the time it will take you to use it up
+ I like the box it came in
+ Hygienic dosage
+ Again, it works :D

- The scent isn't the most pleasant
- You must use a sunscreen because of it!

I would totally give it 5 hearts if it was more stable. I don't like keeping stuff in my fridge, that isn't food.  
I like that it worked for me and the PIH was gone in about 2 months (maybe a bit more). Totally worth it. Seriously. You need it in your life and I need it in my life again! 

P.S. If you are thinking about smashing a lemon on your face because of it - don't! You don't know how high the acid concentration is in each lemon and it may burn your face!!

Monday, March 2, 2015


It's been quite some years since I stopped wearing lip glosses (except at home - I wear Catrice Voluminizing Lip Booster, because it's creamy and I have to use it up). I switched to lipsticks because I discovered the world of matte lip stuff.

But that isn't really important today. I want to tell you about this gloss by Essence (which I got on the Cosnova event), which I actually tried and used quite a bit. 

effective lips! the popular effect trend is also available for your lips. whether flakes, metallic, holographic or ultimate shimmer pigments – these beautiful lipglosses conjure-up an absolute wow-effect on your lips. exciting effects guarantee that all eyes will be on your lips this season.

Is it sticky? Yes, but not very much. Except that doesn't really matter because for me gloss = hair stuck on mouth. Even if my hair is in a bun, doesn't matter. =D

It's called JEWELS IN A BOTTLE, because its full of flakies. You read that correctly. The concept is wonderful, amazing lips, right? YES!

Except... well the flakies feel a bit scratchy on my lips. Nothing major (like glitter on lips), but when I press my lips together, I can feel it. Um, not a pleasant thing. 

The color is gorgeous, the flakies look amazing and it's not that sticky. I think it's an OK lipgloss considering the (cheap) price range. But what do I know? I was once a lipgloss gall, but not anymore. 


Have your tried it? Love it or hate it?

Friday, February 27, 2015


I didn't really have much time to do my nails, but I did them anyway!
Here are most of my manicures from this month.

Sailor Moon inspired Gel nails (Born Pretty Store stamping plate + Depend gellack + gelish) 

Random greens nails 

Gold + fuchsia nails (Essie Bachelorette Bash + Catrice Stars & Stories)

Sailor Moon V.2 (Gelish + Catrice First Class Upgrape)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I got this amazing lipstick for my birthday, it was a gift I *heavily* hinted for. Well let's say I gave my dear a choice of lipsticks and he picked this brand and color. I love it!

So, it's supposed to be a Limited Edition by L'Oreal - a brand I refused to buy from for so many years (several reasons). 
But a lipstick from their collection was on my WL, thanks to Gejba's raving about them. Yes, it's your fault, Gejba :P.

 I am a huge fan of matte lipsticks because they last longer on me and I like the shine only during Summer days. It's weird, but it's like that for me.

Anyway this lipstick is a dark red lipstick with purple undertone. The packaging is supposed to be textured, but mine isn't (Why?! I feel like I'm missing out on the texture ;_;).

There's one reason why I am a big fan of this lipstick. 

Let me tell you a little anecdote:
"I tested the lipstick one evening and went and kissed my kid. It left a lovely mark and off I went. I didn't clean him, because I had in mind that I'll bathe him in an hour. Okay, here comes the hour and I scrub, scrub, scrub, but it doesn't want to get off! I was also biting my lips and thinking how I must have red teeth by now. Well, I check in the mirror and nothing. Perfectly intact lipstick. I had to use the oil make up remover to get the lipstick off from both of us!"

Once it settles, it's on and doesn't get off. It can survive about 5-6h on me (with eating and careful drinking). It does get off little by little if you drink a lot. 

Also, you *need* a good lip liner before it (I use the Essence transparent lip liner, because.. I don't want or need 30 lip liners..). It may bleed on you. It did on me, when I applied the lipstick like 6 times (I was bored and I kept drinking coffee).


On my lips (first is IG photo, more realistic IMO)

I realized..  that I need to be more precise while applying dark lipsticks. Or taking pictures of them, whoops :P.

Anyway to end this post, here's a picture of me with the lipstick and *gasp* no make up. :P (sorry)
Do you see how happy it makes me? I even don't care how bad I look, as long as the lipstick looks fine! 

And some heavy filtered IG picture (sorry!) - It is nice and dark!

In conclusion; Everyone needs it. I needed it and didn't know I did. Also, it's not the cheapest lipstick (13€), but it's well worth it. 

What do you think? Do you have it?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Pozdravljene drage bralke,

Tokratna objava bo nekoliko drugačna, malce bolj slastna in sladka.

V testiranje sem dobila nekaj vrečk bonbonov Beauty Sweeties, kateri naj bi nam pomagala pri temu, da bi bile še lepše. 
Sliši se mikavno, kajne? 

My dear international readers, I am sorry but this post will be only in Slovene. Please use google translate to read it in English. I may add a translation later on. 

V testiranje sem dobila 6 vrečkic dobrot, v pet različnih okusih. 

Ok, v čemu je "fora" teh bonbonov? 
Izdelani so iz naravnih sestavin, vsebujejo zanimive sestavine kot so Koencim Q10 + Aloe Vera + Kolagen in Biotin. Same slastne zadevice so notri! 

Dobi se jih v več različnih oblikah in okusih. Sama sem imela priložnost preizkusiti Želatinaste srčke in Jogurtove kremne pralineje

Naj za začetek povem, da obožujem bonbone. Najraje imam gumi bonbone, zato sem se teh najbolj veselila. 

Beauty Sweeties sadni želatinasti srčki so izdelani ročno po tradicionalnem receptu. Vsebujejo 20% zgoščenega sadnega soka, 6% sadnih delčkov, koencim Q10, aloe vero in kolagen na mehki jogurtovi kremi. Vrhunska kakovost želatinastih bonbonov.


Tej srčki so bili prvi, ki sem jih preizskusila. Vonj ni tako zelo izrazit, okus je mil in niso se mi zdeli preveč sladki. V bistvu so bili za moj okus zelo nežni. Definitivno so pa dobrega okusa, malce po mangu ter po nežni breskvi.  Za tiste dni, ko bi mi pasal kakšen bonbon, toda nisem v to čisto prepričana. Zelo zanimivo doživetje! 

Sestavine: glukozni sirup, sladkor, želatina, sok granatnega jabolka iz zgoščenega soka  granatnega jabolka (8%), jabolčni sok iz zgoščenega jabolčnega soka (6%), hruškov sok iz zgoščenega hruškovega soka (6%),
koščki malin (2%), kislina:citronska kislina,naravne arome, jajčni beljak, jogurt v prahu (iz posnetega mleka)
(1,5%), aloe vera gel (0,015%) koencim Q10 (0,015%), kolagen (0,015%), alfa tokoferol, rastlinsko olje, sredstvo proti sprijemanju: karanuba vosek.


Naslednji po katerih sem posegla, so bili srčki Acai Jagode + Gozdni sadeži. Mmm, kako zelo je zadišalo, ko sem odprla vrečko! Prav po gozdnih sadežih, super! Izmed gumi bonbonov, so mi bili tej zelo všeč. Okus je bil bolj izrazit in na splošno imam raje gozdne sadeže. Zelo okusni! 

Sestavine: glukozni sirup, sladkor, želatina,  sok acai jagod iz zgoščenega soka acai jagod (8%), jabolčni sok iz zgoščenega jabolčnega soka (6%), hruškov sok iz zgoščenega hruškovega soka (6%), koščki gozdnih sadežev
(robidnice (2%), maline (2%), črni ribez (2%)), kislina: citronska kislina, naravne arome, jajčni beljak, jogurt v prahu (iz posnetega mleka) (1,5%), aloe vera gel (0,015%) koencim Q10 (0,015%), kolagen (0,015%), rastlinsko olje, sredstvo proti sprijemanju: karanuba vosek.

Ko mi je zmanjkalo gumi bonbonov, sem počasi "napadla" še ta "trde" bonbone. No, v resnici sploh niso trdi. Malce sem se jih branila ravno z mislijo, da so trdi, toda v resnici so daleč od tega.

Teksturo bi najlažje opisala tako; najbolj me spominja na mlečno čokolado z jogurtom. Zelo, zelo všeč! Če bi šla prej brati, kaj točno jem, bi mi bilo jasno, da so to pralineji in ne trdi bonboni :P. Ampak presenečenje je bilo definitivno izredno pozitivno. 

Beauty Sweeties jogurtovi kremni pralineji niso polnjeni pralineji, ampak se k najmehkejši beli čokoladi umešavajo koščki sadja in sadna jogurtova krema. Obogatieni s koencimom Q10, aloe vero in kolagenom so res pralineji vrhunske kakovosti.


Zelo sem bila skeptična, ko sem prvič odvila pralinej. Vonj je bil izrazito jogurtovo/čokoladen zato niti nisem vedela kaj pričakovati. Toda, ko sem prvič ugriznila.. . nisem znala nehati, dokler nisem ostala na zadnjem pralineju, ter se spomnila, da jih moram še poslikati.. ups.. :P
Meni najljubši izmed vseh bonbonov/pralinejev, z nežnim okusom gozdnih sadežev, jogurta in čokolade. Obožujem jih! 

Sestavine: sladkor, kakavovo maslo, rastlinska maščoba, polnomastno mleko v prahu, posneto mleko v prahu, jogurt v prahu( iz posnetega mleka ) (3,9%), glukozni sirup,  posušene maline (0,8%), sadni ekstrakt acai jagod v prahu (0,3%), posušene robidnice (0,1%), maltodekstrin, kolagen(0,015%), aloe vera ,00375%), emulgator: sojin lecitin, kislina: citronska kislina,naravne sadne arome in druge naravne arome. Lahko vsebuje sledi glutena, jajc in oreščkov.


Mango - breskev pralineji so mi bili veliko bolj sladki kakor Acai - gozdni sadeži, ter tudi okus se mi je zdel, da je bolj mil in nežen. Za moj okus so bili tudi presladki. Tekstura mi zelo sede, kar je velik plus!

Sestavine: sladkor, kakavovo maslo, rastlinska  maščoba, polnomastno mleko v prahu, posneto mleko v prahu, jogurt v prahu (iz posnetega mleka) (3,8%), posušeni koščki manga (2%) breskev v prahu (0,8%), maltodekstrin, kolagen (0,015%), aloe vera gel (0,015%) koencim Q10 (0,00375%) ,beta karoten, emulgator: sojin lecitin, kislina:citronska kislina, naravne sadne arome in druge naravne arome. Lahko vsebujesledi glutena, jajc in oreščkov.


Te sem testirala na zadnje, ko sem že vedela kaj lahko pričakujem od pralinejev. Toda okus me je še vedno zelo presenetil. Zelo očiten okus po malini, s koščki suhih malin v pralineju. Wow, zelo zanimivo in všečno. Tej pralineji so bili ravno prav sladki in okus je bil ravno prava mešanica vsega. Zelo dobri!
Sestavine: sladkor, kakavovo maslo,  rastlinska maščoba, polnomastno mleko v prahu, posneto mleko v prahu, jogurt iz posnetega mleka v prahu (3,9%), maline v prahu (1,2%), koščki posušenih malin (0,6%), sok granatnega jabolka v prahu (0,2%), maltodekstrin, aloe vera gel (0,015%) koencim Q10 (0,00375%), kolagen (0,015%), DL-alfa tokoferol, emulgator: sojin lecitin, kislina:citronska kislina, naravne sadne arome in druge naravne arome. Lahko vsebuje sledi glutena, jajc in oreščkov.

Pri celotnem testiranju mi je pomagal  moj ljubi otrok, kateri je stoično prenašal vse skupaj. Za gumi bonbone ni hotel slišati, pralinejev pa je zmanjkalo veliko prehitro za njegov okus ;).  Imela sva "deal", jaz enega, on enega. In potem sledi izmenjava mnenj. No, glede na to, da je otrok še bolj majhen, je bilo vprašanje iz moje strani "Ali so dobri?" nagrajeno z odgovorom "Mmmhmmm, ja - še bi!", kar se mi zdi, da pove vse. So dobri!

P.S. Dobi se jih tudi v Mullerjih, Intersparu, OMVjih, LeClercu, ter Mol trgovinah. 

Izdelek mi je bil poslan v oceno od podjetja ali njihovega PR. Za več informacij si preberite tukaj. Moje mnenje je vedno iskreno. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Since it's been more than a year that I do my own gelish nails (and have learned some tips n'tricks in the meantime) I wanted to share with you all, how do I do it (at home).

The process is simple, but it takes somewhere between 1 - 1:30h (it depends on what I do, but when I started I needed a longer time to do them).

Keep in mind this when you do your nails. 

The preparation

You'll need:
1. A buffer file (don't currently own it, but this one shall do)
2. A cleanser
3. A gel primer (or rubbing alcohol)

First, wash your hands and make sure you won't be disturbed for an hour to an hour and a half. No distractions and no touching of anything during this time! 

Push your cuticles up (dry method, no oils/creams/etc or the gel will lift), file your nails.. do what you need to do to get to your desired shape.

More after the jump...

Monday, February 9, 2015


I bought this Balea product on a whim, a bit ago. I loved my enzyme peeling, when I still used it, many many years ago (I think 7?). But it was very expensive and I refuse to pay such a price for a gentle enzyme peeling!
Also, I completely forgot how awesome such peelings are... ahem. 

And since lately I've been much more into AHA and BHAs, I jumped when I saw this peeling in DM for just 2€. I mean, seriously?! 

If I got it right (someone correct me, if I am wrong since I am still very new to all this), this is a very mild AHA peeling (it contains fruit enzymes). 

So what's it used for? 

It's used for removing the top layer of dead skin, but without the mechanical removal. It's a chemical peeling. But very very gentle.

The instructions are simple - apply and wash off or use as a mask (for not longer than 5 minutes), rinse off. 

The packaging it comes in, is nothing too special. A small squeeze tube with a good working cap. But it works well and the tube has a filmsy/metallic feeling. It's pretty nice to be honest.

The peeling alone is this thick white cream that smells delicious. Damn great smelling thing. Fruity, but so fresh. Maybe a bit peachy? Anyway I love the scent and I can't believe that a peeling can smell this nice. I guess it smells this good alone, since there's no perfume in the product.

 The size is damn small, but it's not like you can or should use it daily. The recommended usage is 1-2/week. So this small (50ml) tube will last you a pretty long time. 

And now the part you've all been waiting for. 

The effect

To be honest I couldn't see any effect the first time I used it. I looked in the mirror and saw nothing. Then, half an hour later I stroked my face. And wow, it was feeling so *smooth* and *soft*. And since then I notice this effect whenever I use this mask and I love love love it!

I don't know if such an effect is worth much to people, but I am a huge fan. It makes me feel good about myself. And my skin. 
So I will keep using it weekly and keep loving it on. Later I am planning on using stronger AHA acids to even the texture of my skin more (I had closed comodones pretty much since puberty and I didn't know it - I hated those never vanishing bumps on my forehead, but didn't know what they were - C vitamin Serum helped with them tremendously too!)

+ makes my skin feel smooth and soft
+ smells delicious
+ makes me feel great about my skin
+ cheap (2€)

- small packaging (I'd like 30ml more in it, haha)
- I wish it would say how strong it is on the packaging (like 2% etc).

This little tub is a damn good product for the price range. I know you can get stronger peelings for much more money (Paula's Choice is the first I remember), but this one is so gentle that everyone should have it. It's a great alternative to the mechanical peelings (which do nothing for my skin), so it's especially great for aging skin as skin gets thinner with time.
This means power to gentle skin treatments (aka, I'm totally sold, I need a couple more of these)

Do you have it? What do you think?

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