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My Beauty Wishlist #1

Since my last beauty oriented wishlist was published in 2010 I thought that it's about time for me to update it, right?

And I thought that maybe, just maybe, my readers would also like to know what's been going on with it and which products and I longing for. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you - My Beauty Wishlist #1

5 Products to try if you're a Korean Beauty Newbie

I've been asked to write this post by Ana Alyssa. Thank you, darling, it was a brilliant idea!

This is a small guide on which products should a beginner with Korean (or Asian) cosmetics actually purchase.

I know, I know, they are all cute and we want them all. But when you're introducing new products to your skincare regime you need a bit of patience. :).

Ok, let us begin with our adventure, shall we?

My Favorite products for Spring!

I love Spring, I really do. 
And with Spring comes a changed beauty routine, one that matches the weather outside.

That's why I created this post in which I guide you through my Spring Favorites that I recommend to all. 

Reasons Why Your Concealer Shade Should Be a Tone Lighter Than Your Base or Foundation

 Written by: Sandy Taylor

Many people wonder why their concealer must be a shade lighter than their foundation. For the majority of women, a concealer is a vital product of a complete makeup regime. This is because a concealer can be used as a multipurpose product to cover up dark spots, even out skin tone, cover up dark circles, hide eye bags and mask any tattoos or scars. Fortunately, most brands carry multiple concealer shades to suit any skin tone.
A mistake that many people make is to find a concealer that matches their skin shade perfectly. This is logically reasonable because nobody likes to use concealers that look much brighter or darker than their skin tone. However, this isn't necessarily the best approach to selecting your concealer. 

My 5 Favorite products from Essence

We all know Essence, don't we?
Essence has been featured several times on my blog and I keep going back to their products because they are affordable, cute and good quality.

Today I wanted to share my latest 5 favorite products from their regular line. Some of them have been my favorites for a very long time, others have become that just recently.

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