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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

FOTD: Halloween kitty cat makeup


You know that Halloween is approaching, right? That means fun makeup looks and fun fun outfits. 
Here the real "fun" starts only during February/start of March when we have a thing that is very similar to Halloween, except it lasts for a couple of days. It's called "pust". 

So for Halloween I wanted to go easy, but still wanted to show you guys an easy look that everyone can do.

You'll need:
*A black eyeliner
*A black khol pencil
*Your regular ol makeup
*Kitty ears!

It is really simple to do!

  1. Do your makeup as usual. Foundation, blush, eyebrows, eye makeup.
  2. Add eyeliner. A winged one and add some triangles on your tear duct
  3. Connect those triangles with a line to 1/3 of your eye
  4. Draw yourself a nose with black khol
  5. Add a mouth (a line from your nose to your mouth and color your upper lip black)
  6. Put your ears on ;)
  7. DONE!

It is very very easy and everyone can do it.

Add some cat-attitude and your are done ;)!

Have fun! ;)

Monday, October 27, 2014

NOTD: Learning my way with Gel


Last time I wrote about my Acrylics journey, and this time I wanted to show you my gel journey. 
I was afraid of LED and UV lamps for the longest time. I have no idea why, but it had to so something with them being the "unnatural" way to do your nails. Whatever is that supposed to mean.

I really wanted to see if I could use the Essence gel polishes for extensions (without tips). The first gel I used was from the discontinued glitter line (they are reformulated now, I think?). It worked great (because of the big glitter) and the nails were hard. I enjoyed wearing them a lot! 

My next try was with the French gel from Essence. It looked fabulous, but sadly it's not a builder gel so it was super soft.  I was really sad and disappointing, but it was a good learning curve.
This is when I painted them black. 

Those didn't survive past a day, because I shortened them, so I could use my hands again. 

My next test was with a builder gel. Finally I realized the difference between different gels. Builder gel is for building and has a thicker consistency, also it needs an UV lamp and not a LED lamp. I had to purchase that one too! 

I had bitten nails, and I had a manicure course starting in the next few days, so I had to have pretty nails ;). 
I extended them for a bit, until they looked normal. Not long, but not bitten either. Wearable. 

I wasn't really happy with any manicure combination I did with them :/. *sad panda*

But I did learn a lot and I am very grateful about that. 
My builder gel was from Fingr's and I must say that it is pretty expensive. About 20€ for a tiny set that comes with less than 5ml of gel. 5ml is enough for like..  twice, haha. :D Or once if your are doing long nails.

Monday, October 20, 2014

NOTD: Acrylics #1 and #2


I am still on a short hiatus, well kind of. But I totally wanted to show you how my "learning acrylics" journey went.

I was scared for many, many years of acrylics because of the strong chemicals used in the process (smelly, maybe not exactly strong).
Well I wanted to learn something new, so I bought a set off Born Pretty Store and started learning.

I watched a bunch of Youtube videos and off I went..

I have the french manicure acrylics set, which includes a translucent, a pink and a white acrylic powder.

My first try was with a bunch of false nails, because there was no way in hell, I'd let that stuff near my fingers!

But after a couple of days of testing and playing I wanted to do it on my nails. Because then I would be so much more careful and well... looking for mistakes.

Well first, it took me quite a while to do all then nails. 3 hours in total, if I am not mistaken. That's a lot. A LOT! And only about 45min for the application part. Most of the time I was buffing the nails and making them even. I am sure the pros can do it quicker because they are awesome like that. I can't (yet? I don't know if I will continue the acrylics journey, I prefer builder gel, but that's for another time).

Did it stink? Oh boy, did it stink!
First nails!

They weren't even and I had some air trapped underneath (I saw that later), which made me extremely nervous. I practically ripped them off (and some I did soak in acetone). 

A couple of days I made these. Quicker and with white powder. 

I liked them. So I added a layer of white polish and some nail art (stickers and tape). 

I had these for a month or so. I did enjoy wearing them, but the used to part took me two days. I over-buffed these puppies and felt it. 
They are also thicker than I'd like them to be. Much thicker than gel!

But overall I was happy with my learning. I may or may not continue with the learning of the way of Acrylics, but I did had a blast!

I will write next about my time learning to work with builder gel. Stay tuned!

Did you ever wear acrylics?

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