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There are many products that I want to try and there are those that I've already tried and either loved or disliked. 

One of the liked products from Dragocena.si (which is sponsoring this giveaway - thank you!) is the Long4Lashes eyelashes serum. It worked on me and I love the results! I still need to write about it, but now one of you can try it for themselves!

6 Science-Backed Pros And Cons Of The Ketogenic Diet (Not Weight Loss)

6 Science-Backed Pros And Cons Of The Ketogenic Diet
Written by Alex Reed


Have you ever wondered, from where here is your energy coming from? For the average person, the answer is carbohydrates. It is estimated that the average person gets around 60% of their daily calories from carbohydrates like bread, pasta, chips and so on. Although these foods can be fast energy sources, they often play a part in different health conditions like leaky gut, diabetes, and obesity.

That is one of the reasons behind the rise of popularity of low-carb eating styles, especially the keto diet. Although the buzz around the ketogenic diet is getting bigger and bigger, the reality is that this eating philosophy isn't anything new. The ketogenic diet was developed during the 1920s for epilepsy treatment. Research has shown many positive effects on human body, in addition to helping with epilepsy.

But how did this eating style go from epilepsy treatment to weight-loss star? Well, one of the reasons is definitely because celebrities discovered its benefits and thanks to them the popularity of the ketogenic diet has grown tremendously. Examples of celebrities who have enjoyed the ketogenic lifestyle are Kim Kardashian, Halle Berry, and Melissa McCarthy.

10 Asian Skincare Products I'd Buy Again

Inspired by a similar post by Low Maintenance Beauty (check it out here), I decided to do some thinking and find all the products I owned and would love to own again.

Please enjoy the 10 Asian Skincare Products I'd Buy Again post. It's a fun one!

Dresslily - Dress to Express

dresslily polkadot dresses

Last time you may have enjoyed my window shopping and finding my favorite dresses picks.
But this time I was looking at polka dots from Dresslily. And let me tell you - I had no idea that there could be so many different polka dot dresses styles.
If you are curious which ones were the ones that I liked the most, you are welcome to join me on this journey.


NABLA Soul Blooming Eyeshadow Palette

Nabla must be one of my favorite brands when it comes to eyeshadows. I have a palette from them (Dreamy) and a DIY palette with their mix n match eyeshadows and both are great. Pigmented, nice to blend and stay put on the whole day (with a primer).

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