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New In: July 2016

We all love new goodies and I'm no different. I got some new goodies in the mail/shops this month. 
But since I'm not home I didn't get all the ordered stuff, so here's a post until I get back home. :)

ARTISTRY Pacific Lights [SLO]

V novo kolekcijo Artistry™ Pacific Lights je Amway združil navdihujoče poletnih barvne tone in kalifornijski utrip pijač XS™ Power Drinks. Z energičnimi ličili boste začutile živahen utrip plaže, saj s seboj prinašajo vznemerljivo misel na lahkotne modne kombinacije in sončne dni. V tokratni ekskluzivni izdaji Amway prinaša barvita bleščila za ustnice, paleto senčil za oči in večnamenski 3D puder za obraz za poletno stilsko izražanje.

Sama sem prejela dva izdelka - 3D puder za obraz (bolj osvetljevalec) ter moder gloss za ustnice. 

My cleansing routine with Nivea - 3 products that make the difference

Today I have a quick post for you all - my cleansing routine that changes from time to time, but this time, I'm sticking to it until I can. Why? Because with just 3 products, my skin went from super dry (even flaky at times) to normal and happy. 

Oriflame Face Masks

Some time ago, I received a couple of Oriflame masks for review purposes. Three of them are the new one to two uses Love Nature masks that target several different skin types (dry skin, oily skin, combination skin).  And also a blackhead clearing mask that is very harsh but I was planning on using it as a spot treatment.

How did it go? Read on. 

My Favorite Products for Securing Smooth Skin

Via Unsplash
Super smooth skin is a dream for many women. They want their skin to be soft, firm, and wrinkle free. Unfortunately, the reality is that most women have imperfections that they don't like. Only a lucky few have flawless skin that doesn't seem to need much care. Most people who want lovely, smooth skin have to work at it. Luckily, there is a range of products and treatments you can use. Some of them are great for using every day, and others are useful on occasion, as a treat. If you want smoother skin, these are some of my favorite products that will help you get it.
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