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Guest Post: Skincare Secrets for Staying and Looking Young

Written by: Lisa Haiden

Staying beautiful and looking young is every woman dreams. If not only us we look at the favorite movie stars and wonder who are in their 40s and wonder how they can maintain their youthful complexion. We found the answer. 

These stars and artist pay proper attention to their skin and beauty tips, so should you. The desire of having a youthful skin can remain a dream to most young women unless we take control of our beauty health techniques.
To most of us, when aging set off, we usually panic and see as if there in nothing we can do. You are wrong as with the following skincare secrets you will maintain your youthful complexity.

Japan Candy Box September 2016

Japan Candy box 2016

A year ago I was lucky enough to receive a box from Japan Candy Box. I do love trying new kinds of food and this wasn't any different.

This year I was invited by Blippo Kawaii Shop, who owns Japan Candy Box to do a review of their latest box. Of course, I said yes because ... candy!

New in: September 2016

September New In

A month has passed by and it's time to share with you, my lovely readers, all the product that I got or bought during September. 

If you're curious what I got a month before, you can read more about it here
Products marked with a * were given or sent to me.

Jesenski Roza L'Occitane Favoriti

L'Occitane Favoriti

L'Occitane je podjetje z večletno tradicijo in je na voljo tudi na Slovenskih tleh.

Za današnjo objavo sem si izbrala svoje favorite iz L'Occitanovih vrst, ki jih z veseljem predstavljam.

Are the cheap eBay peeling feet masks any good?

cheap peeling feet masks

I was curious for the longest time if those inexpensive feet masks that I kept seeing on eBay are really worth any money? As you may know, I had excellent results on my first testing of this kind of masks. The pictures included on the eBay site vary from gross to amazingly gross. So I was hoping the result would be as amazing as theirs. 

But this time, I picked the cheapest feet mask off eBay and waited patiently until it arrived. Here's how it went. 

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