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Essence Bet BIG! Lashes Mascara

Essence Bet BIG! Lashes Mascara

For a long time I stayed clear of Essence's mascaras. Why? Because they would irritate my eyes and no matter what I tried, I would always end with watery/irritated eyes.

But then something changed and after a couple of years I decided to give them another chance.
I first picked up the Princess Lashes mascara and after a tube or two I decided to try something else. 

This time I was testing and using the Essence Get BIG! Lashes mascara in the waterproof version.
Why waterproof? Because I have oily eyelids and I wanted to be safe from smudges.
Let's see how it went.



This year I have decided to join the Project pan. I've read about it several years ago and I was curious how people did it. And why would they even do that? 

I mean, I had only a couple of products which later became a bunch of products but I still didn't see the problem in that. Until I started following the expiration dates of products. 

And not until I realized that I love shopping. I love the trill it gives me and I love how I get excited when I get a new product. I love playing with it, looking at it and using it. 

But since I am the happiest (lol) when I use up a product - because that's when the product fulfilled its phophecy (can you say that I played a bunch of games in the last month?). 

It's ridiculous but it is what it is. :P I wanted to give some unloved and overloved products another chance. 

[JOLSE] TIA'M One Second Whitening Cover Cream

TIA'M One Second Whitening Cover Cream

I received from Jolse a product that I've never thought I'd try. It's a whitening cream that is supposed to add luminosity to your skin and thus hiding its imperfections.

Let's see how it did on my skin!

BALEA Be A Panda Sheet Mask

BALEA Be A Panda Sheet Mask

When I went to our local DM the last time I found two interesting products - One was a Tiger Sheet Mask and the other was this Panda sheet mask.

I'm a huge fan of sheet masks and well, I've never tried one with a cute design on. I know it's stilly, but I wanted to try one of these as soon as I saw them. Plus the cheap price is always a great plus and this one was priced at 2€. 

Let's see how it performed.

Avon Mark. Epic Lipsticks

Avon Mark Epic lipstick

This year Avon has come out with a new formula of their well-known lipsticks named Epic Lipsticks.
I really like the formula of the Plump version which I reviewed here and was curious what difference would there be between the two formulas.

I got two shades of the Epic lipsticks - one is the Extreme Mauve and the other is Red Extreme
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