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Wedding rings wishlist

Wedding rings wishlist
Last time I talked about all the fashionable Engagement rings and it's only natural that today I am talking about wedding rings

Since there are so many beautiful wedding rings, I put them by categories, so my dear *wink wink, nudge nudge* will know what I like, haha.

Essence Glitter in the Air Review + Swatches

Essence Glitter in the air

glitter, glamour and sparkling tinsel: the party season is just around the corner! we are enhancing the glam factor with the new trend edition “glitter in the air”. a radiant appearance is guaranteed with colours like pink, various metallic shades, green nuances and plum as well as the absolute star pieces: the drops for shimmer effects on the face and body, velvet lipsticks in rosewood and a dark plum tone with a glamorous diamond-shaped tip.
leave a little sparkle – with essence!
 I got three products from the Glitter in the air line from Essence and today I decided to talk about them. :)

November Favorites 2016

November Favorites

Oh, it's been so long ... are my words as I begin my favorites posts. It could be a post from months ago or you know, just a fresh one. It doesn't matter, I keep forgetting about them.

But maybe, if my readers decide that they like such posts, I could start posting them more regularly? If so, please do let me know in the comments.

This time I accumulated 8 products that fall into my Favorites category. Curious? Then continue reading ...


Empties 23

After a very long time, it's time to do again an empties post. This time I took way too much time to actually take photos and write bits and bobs about the products.

I also need to set a limit of how many products will be in an empties post, since now.. well this has gone out of control.

Today, in this Empties posts there are 57 products. 

Secret Beauty Tips And Tricks To Make Your Teeth Look Whiter!

How to get whiter teeth

A lot of people struggle to maintain the color of their teeth. After all, lifestyle choices such as smoking and a bad diet can cause the teeth to go from white to yellow. And when this occurs, it can mean people avoid smiling. But all doesn’t have to be lost as there are some easy ways to improve those teeth. Therefore, here are some secret beauty tips and tricks to make your teeth look whiter.

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