Friday, February 12, 2016

Priznam, da ko sem prvič ugledala Valentinovo kolekcijo Alessandra, sem zavriskala od veselja. Zakaj? Ker je tako zelo prisrčna. Rožnato zelena, polna pozitive in sončkaste energije pomladi.

Sama sem od podjetja BIS (ki je zastopnik Alessadro kozmetike in še več za naš trg) prejela krasno dišečo mazilo za obnohtno kožico iz Omejene Izdaje All About L♥VE.  Omejena izdaja nosi temo valentinovega, ki se ga ali veselite ali ne. Meni je praktično vseeno zanj, imam pa zelo rada vse s srčki. Tudi ta LE mi je ravno zato všeč ;). 
Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Article was written by Emma Lawson

Having a superb sense of style is not about wearing the cutest rags or showing off your new designer bag. It is so much more. It is about making a statement; showing who you are and what you stand for. Fashion is a form of art and there are those who have mastered this creative process. There are some of the best fashion icons today who are making their way on the red carpet towards their fashion throne. From fashion designers who are creating new extraordinary trends and the fashion icons that are following them, these are a few of the emerging style icons today:

Emerging Fashion Designers

Monday, February 8, 2016

The Carnival is currently going on and it will do so until Tuesday when it will reach the ending point. I can't wait for that day since the kid and I will go to the festival in Kamnik.
He'll be part of a group mask, and I'll be... I am still not sure about it. 

I was thinking about being a deer, but you know, I can't be just a normal deer, no?
Friday, February 5, 2016

It's that time again! What time? Well, of course - empties time!
I accumulated quite a lot of empties since the last such post which was in November. 

Which products did I use and what do I think about them? Read on. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

We've all seen the pictures that show "rape drug nail polish" that switch to a deep red polish to a black one. Yes? That's actually the infamous Orly Gel Shade Shifter nail polish (gelish).

It goes from transparent (when warm) to black (when cold). It's such an awesome concept that I was eager to try it.
the picture was taken from Google search 

And you know what? I got it for review purposes :). 
What do I think of it?
Monday, February 1, 2016

I decided to re-start a posting series in which I'll be talking about the new stuff (and short reviews) I got. Some will be reviewed in depth later on, but some won't. 

This month, I feel like I got enough stuff. Not a lot, but enough. Especially now, that I am in a de-cluttering process. I also asked from friends and family NOT to get me any gifts, to just give me donations for a new PC. Some did listen, some didn't ;).

And considering it's my birth month, I feel that the haul + gifts part was nice and moderate in size.
What do you think? 

Check what I got :)
Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Essence came out with a new Trend Edition and of course, it's Valentine Themed. Okay, maybe more for those that aren't fans of Valentine's day? You can see the full collection here

I received two products - one is a setting powder and the other is a pencil eyeshadow. 

Description from the site:
Always together: BFFs! the new essence trend edition “valentine – who cares?” turns valentine's day into a love confession to warm-hearted beauty trends – in a different type.
wild, rebellious and casual, we’re breaking with old traditions and dedicating the day of love to best friends. this means: lots of fun and action for two! edgy products in intensive colors like red, blue and black as well as metallic beige and khaki tones for strong styles. the favorites: the false lashes in two versions and the click & go nails with a stiletto design. the face & body tattoo stamp with an infinity symbol creates a trendy bff tattoo and the limited, fruity-sweet scent underlines the rebel queen slumbering within every girl.

sisters before misters… with essence!
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