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Summer gel manicure - Depend Towel Boy & Summer Splash

Depend Towel Boy & Summer Splash

It's been so long since I did a manicure post. 
And even longer since I did a gelish manicure post. Crazy, isn't it? 

I actually didn't wear gelish all that much since having a sedentary job doesn't really hurt my nails - on the contrary - they hardly ever chip!

But since I saw these two nail polishes in the drugstore I went to which is one of those that I skip if I don't have to go in (Tuš drogerije). I think they are from the new collection? But I don't know. Finding new editions of  Depend Gellacks in our stores is a mission impossible. 

New in: July 2017

New in: July 2017

It's that time of the month again. Of course, I am talking about the new in blog post which happens monthly :D.

You can read the last post about what I got in June, here.

This month I didn't purchase or get a lot of things, because I was away for two weeks, and that's why I included all the products I got until August 1st (including that day).


Add Actives C20 Serum

You guys probably know by now, that I'm on a mission to get perfect skin. Blemish free, spot free, just simple and pretty!

And Add Actives C20 Tetraforce Activator is one of the products that are helping me on this mission. 

How to Repurpose Expired Makeup

How to Repurpose Expired Makeup

Do you have tubes and pans of lipsticks and blushes that you forgot about and now find they’re past their  expiry dates? Don’t ignore those expiry dates and think, it’s only makeup, how much damage can it do?

Expired makeup is bad makeup. It harbors bacteria that can irritate your skin, eyelids and lips, and lead to breakouts and infections. Besides, it’s difficult to apply, will easily flake or run, or simply look uneven when you put it on. 

I got a DAITH piercing!

daith piercing

Ever since I read that a piercing can make your migraines go away, I knew I wanted to have it.
Because why not, I am all for shiny new piercings and if they do something extra the better!

And so I got it - a daith piercing.
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