Wednesday, May 27, 2015


When I got my Makeup Factory lipstick in Intense Fuchsia it reminded me of something else..  That made me compare it to a bunch of other lipsticks I already own. And I couldn't believe my eyes when some were a pretty similar match. 

Which means it's time for another Dupe or Not post. I must admit I quite like these. 

These lipsticks run for about 15€ and I wouldn't be surprised if most people think they are too expensive (they are). Also, this is a limited edition, which means they won't be available once the stand is gone. So read on, to see where you can get a similar shade for less buck.


Creamy soft lipstick with a satiny, matt finish and very high covering power.
The Mat Lip Stylo is a creamy, soft lipstick with a satiny-matt finish. It distinguishes itself with its lush, intense and long-lasting colour as well as very high covering power. After putting it on, the lips feel supple and pampered without sticking or drying out. The product is free of parabens with dermatologically tested skin friendliness.

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Monday, May 25, 2015


Today I am looking for dupes for the well known China Glaze Fairy Dust. I am sure most of you are aware about it, especially if you are into polish-aholics kind of groups. 

If you don't know it, it's a micro holographic glitter topper that makes every manicure a spectacular one. There, I said it. A spectacular one. So from meh it goes to wow. But the thing is, China Glaze is hard to find in our stores (actually it's available only in one store in Slovenia, as far as I know? Maybe more online stores?). And I was looking for a dupe for it for ages. Even before I actually had the polish. Probably because I didn't have it...

So, I gathered a couple of the closest looking polishes I had, and put them to work. I must apologize in advance for my nails in these photos. They are stained yellow (dark green polish, I am looking at you!) and a bit in a poor shape...  *sighs*

The polishes I will be comparing are:
1. China Glaze Fairy Dust (yeah!)
2. Essence I ♥ Magic
3. Essence Hello Holo (discontinued)
4. ManGlaze Hot Mess

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Monday, May 18, 2015


Today I have another preview for you. This Essence Nauti Girl collection comes out mid June to July 2015. And I'm pretty excited about it, to be honest. Red & Nude are my new thing now. :D And look at those lipsticks..  ups, enough. Let me show you first. 

Cast off and ship ahoy! The new trend edition “nauti girl” by essence invites all beauties
to the sailing tour of the summer from mid June to July 2015. Just drift along and enjoy
the sound of the ocean – with a trendy marine style that’s sure to be lots of fun! Various
classic blue shades, grey and red define the nautical colour scheme and are combined with
fresh apricot, beige and brown. Plenty of beauty treasures are on board, including four nail
polishes, two long-lasting lipsticks and a blush in bright apricot-red with an anchor
embossment. The ultimate highlight is the waterproof eye pencil in cool blue with an
integrated sharpener in the lid. The limited, fruity-aquatic fragrance ensures a wonderfully
scented breeze on your skin. On top, the trend edition also offers a cosmetics bag with a
nautical design and cute cord on the zipper. Sail away… with essence! 

essence nauti girl – cosmetic bag
Not just sailor’s yarn. Thanks to its large size, the cool cosmetics bag in a
blue and white marine design with stripes and a red anchor is ideal for
storing all the beauty pieces that simply have to come along on your next
boat ride. With a zipper decorated with a cute cord at the end. Available
in 01 Anchors aweigh!. 

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Saturday, May 16, 2015


In June 2015 Catrice will be offering these goodies in stores, so your travels (vacations, wohoo!) will be nicer and easier - and you'll look even prettier. :D

La croisière. The current Cruise Collections invite you to enjoy warm temperatures and the beautifulsound of the sea. Light fabrics, summery prints and fresh colours replace dismal grey skies with acarefree summer mood. Designers are focusing on casual, modern styles. In June 2015, we areoffering the ideal travel companions for the fashion collections with the Limited Edition “Travel DeLuxe” by CATRICE. Fresh apricot, light rosé, pristine white, nautical blue and soft grey-blue is theperfect colour scheme for this. The highlights include the Travel Set consisting of a highlighter, blush,bronzer, two eyeshadows, an eyeliner pencil as well as a highlighting pen, the Refreshing Mist Body
Spray, and the Caring Lip Balm with an SPF of 20. Take a Cruise – by CATRICE.

Travel De Luxe by CATRICE – Travel Set
Beautiful Setting. This practical Travel Set is the ideal travel companion. It unites
seven must-haves for a gorgeous summer look, including a highlighting powder
and blush for fresh accents on your face as well as a matt bronzer for a sun-kissed
complexion. Two powder eyeshadows with a subtle shimmer in apricot and light
blue as well as an anthracite eyeliner pencil and a highlighting pen guarantee a
radiant and expressive eye make-up look. 

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Thursday, May 14, 2015


I remember a long, long time ago I had this wonderful mineral foundation. It must have been about 4 years ago, I guess. It's been a really long time, but I did remember the brand who made it - Everyday Minerals. Then I checked my blog - that's an useful feature when your blog is so old (6 years!). And there it was, a post about a bunch of EDM samples

I checked my post and saw that some of these shades were a good match. But to play it on the safe side, I decided to buy a Fair 0N (previously Fair Neutral) in a matte base. 

I liked the deal they had on their site (if you have something in your basket and you are logged in, you get a coupon code with % off in a couple of days), but sadly I couldn't order from them. I emailed them if they do ship to Slovenia and no, they do not. They did, however they said that many packages got lost and that's the reason they don't do that anymore. *sad panda*

I had to buy from a retailer (, who has it somewhat fairly priced - 15€. 

I later had to buy a kabuki, because I didn't have it (??). I purchased one from Catrice and it works nicely with this kind of a foundation. 

So, my skin is fairly problematic now (hoping to fix it soon!), and I do realize that this foundation isn't the best kind for very problematic skin on it's own, but I do like to pair it with a liquid foundation to get that amazing porcelain skin look. 

This type of foundation is build-able, but not very. You can go from light coverage to medium, but that's it. I do however like that it helps with the shine - especially during hot days. It does cover red spots quite well. 

I ultimately hope that I will have nice skin, so I'll be able to use just this foundation over my sun screen. 

+ Lots of powder in one package (4.8g)
+ Matte finish
+ helps with the shine during hot days (so I don't look all that oily)
+ I use it as a base before liquid foundation and it works wonderfully
+ doesn't accentuate dry patches
+ evens out the skin tone

- I wish it had more coverage

I am really happy that I am back to using mineral foundations. I like how it doesn't accentuate dry patches and it does help with oily parts of my face (T-zone). I think that full size packages are a good deal (when it comes to price), compared to samples (which are incredibly hard to use, since they come in a baggy kind of thing). I wait the day my skin gets better and this foundation will be the one I'll stick to. I totally recommend mineral foundations to everyone. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hey gals!

I may have already told you, that I am not a fan of lip glosses. But I did become quite attached to the Catrice Voluminizing lip booster. I liked the hydration it offered and the tingling sensation on my lips (menthol). I used that one up and decided to try the lip candies from its sister brand - Essence.

These lip candies look very intriguing - cute packaging and fun names.
I was sure they are lip glosses, but Essence says no, they are a lip care product which pampers your lips. So basically it's a gloss that hydrates your lips

candy colours! this gloss pampers the lips with valuable aloe vera so that they feel wonderfully soft and supple. beautiful pastel shades offer a subtle touch of colour and a shiny finish. colour and care… with essence!

Lip candies come in 7 different colors and each of them looks lovely. I picked the shade called 06 Cotton Cady, because it looked the most neutral. 

The scent is lovely - very gentle, but artificial. For me it's not overpowering and it reminds me of cotton candy. I can't put my finger down on what exactly this scent is, but it is very gentle and you can't smell it on your lips (unless you, you know, pout).

I really like the packaging. It's sturdy and looks damn cute. Maybe it's not cute as in "classy cute" - for grown ups cute, but it surely makes the child in me extremely happy. And my real child. He wants to have this gloss so badly and he comes and uses it all the time. =P

I can't really talk about the longevity of this gloss, because I like to eat and drink - a lot. Especially when I am in front of my pc, which is the only place I use this gloss. 
I think on me it lasts about 1-2 hours. 

Now, let's talk about the main problem with glosses - the stickiness. This one is sticky, but more like creamy - sticky, if you know what I mean? It's creamy and it's a tad sticky, hence it's a gloss. 
It doesn't make me irrationally mad about the stickiness, so it's alright. 

The only thing I don't like is the wand. It's hard and it doesn't pick the gloss nicely. Usually the wand gets soaked in gloss after a use or two, but this one doesn't! The gloss kind of lingers at the tip of the wand and that's it. That makes the application a tad problematic - if you like to use lots of gloss.  I wish they'd made a softer wand. You know, like the amazing one from the Voluminizing gloss from Catrice!

+ Sturdy & cute packaging
+ cheap (2€)
+ delicious scent!
+ semi-sticky 
+ creamy and hydrating
- the wand: it's too hard and hardly picks the gloss

I like when companies come out with cute products, and I like it even better when these cute products are good. This hydrating (gloss) lip care product does its job at moisturizing my lips well, but I wish the wand would be softer and more absorbing. So I could apply way too much gloss on. 
I don't care about pigmentation, but this one gives some light pink (unflattering) pigmentation, when used a tad too much of it. I don't mind it, since I use it only at home, but outside - that may be a problem. Overall I am pleased. It's a product worth trying, maybe in some darker tones. 

Have you tried this Lip Care product? Your thoughts? 

Friday, May 8, 2015


You may have seen my super happy face on instagram or facebook and were probably wondering, WTH is that about? Right? :P

Well, I was invited from L'Occitane's PR department, to experience a "Complete Care with the Pivoine Sublime line". I was curious, as I never got try a "complete care" at their store. 

I learned that anyone can get one of these "complete care" tryouts, if they ask nicely at the store. It's mostly to test a new line, which I think is awesome (because people need to know how does a product act on their skin before buying it)..

My store of choice was in my hometown - Koper where the girls were amazingly nice. One was tending the store, while the other took her time to explain everything (you can read the Slovenian post about the products, here). 

I asked many questions, and all were answered. If I had a question about a product or an ingredient, they knew how to answer it. And they knew how to answer it nicely. I can't stress enough how nice they were!

Funny little anecdote; the moment I walked in the L'Occitane's store, I got thirsty. Like mad thirsty and I don't know if it was written on my face or what, but the ladies offered me water. I must have drank 0.5L of it, while chatting with them. Whoops. *blushes*

 (I have combination skin, which is currently acting up - so combination + problematic + under 35 years, skin) 
Steps of my Complete Care from L'Occitane:
First; my skin was cleaned with the cleansing foam Immortelle (blue bottle),
Second; it was toned with the Poeny Perfecting Mist,
Third; she gently patted a small ammount of the Immortelle Precious eye balm around my eyes (it felt very relaxing!),
Fourth; She applied a bit of the Poeny Perfecting Essence,
Fifth; She also added a bit of the Poeny CC cream on my T-zone, to even out my tone; 
Sixth; To finish it out, she added a bit of BB cream all over my face in a patting motion + a tad of blush.
And to make everything complete, she applied the new Poeny Tinted lip balm in Rose Plum (it's matte!!). 

I loved every step of it, because the application was more like a massage and I think I must have dozed off a couple of times.  I thought that I'd look very shiny at the end (because of all the creams, I guess?), but I looked matte - not a bad way of matte, but a natural way of matte
And the most important thing - my normally very visible acne were covered. And in only two steps (CC + BB cream), I am impressed - it usually takes me about 3-4 steps to cover them normally. 

I got out of their store feeling happy and excited. I got a bunch of testers, a new CC cream and the travel set of the new line (stay tuned for the reviews!).

Of course, I was smelling divine - without feeling sick from the many scents (like it happens with all of perfumes on me - I start feeling sick if there's too much perfume on me). 

I am forever grateful for this experience.

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