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New in: April, May & June 2018

New in: April, May & June 2018
Oh god, I'm so late with this series of posts. 
It's not that I didn't get/buy anything but more that I was focused on using up stuff. 

But since I'm so late I decided to merge all three months into one post. This way I can show you all the things I got instead of writing three separate posts about them.

Men's Wedding Bands: How To Choose One For Your New Husband

Men's Wedding Bands: How To Choose One For Your New Husband
Written by: Sarah Morris

Getting married is one of the most important celebrations in your life. This is the day where you finally announce to the world that you’ve found your life partner and both of you are taking the relationship to another level. Aside from taking care of the food, venue, guests list and giveaways, choosing the perfect wedding band for your new husband should also be on top of your list. Your husband will wear this wedding band throughout his life, that’s why it’s essential that you pour in time and effort in choosing a wedding band for your husband. But with the number of varieties available today, do you know which wedding band to choose?

Your new husband’s wedding band is a sign of his connection and commitment to you. Wearing this will show everyone around him that your marriage is important and that he actually values his role to you as his husband. If you’re clueless how you can possibly choose a wedding band for your husband, consider the tips below:



After using up the Thank You Farmer Cream I decided to try another light gel cream that promises extreme hydration and glowing skin.

Well, let's see how it worked for me.

BOLD Summer Makeup COLLAB

bold summer makeup

When Veronika asked me to do a collab, I was all for it. The collab theme is Bold & Summer. A bold summer practically. 
My version of the collab is a makeup look. 

If you don't know Veronika yet, she's a young new beauty blogger. You can find her on her page - Veronika's Beauty

Keeping your Brows Neat with the Best Eyebrow Trimmers

photo: Pixabay 
Written by: Meredith Zacharias

You brow hairs are natural and are put there for a purpose, but excessive facial hairs can ruin your facial beauty and become a source of embarrassment. Whether you have a thin or broad eyebrow shape, maintaining a clean line and taming the stray and over-grown hairs is important if you want to have a more refined facial look. With an eyebrow trimmer, you can groom your brows without hefty charges or be going through the painful plucking process.

However, selecting the best brow trimmer for your hair type can be difficult considering the variety available in the market. To help you choose a suitable trimmer for your hair and budget, we have prepared the following guide for you. First, we check on what you need to consider when shopping for a quality trimmer.
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