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BOLERO DRINKS - Advanced Hydration

BOLERO DRINKS - Advanced Hydration

A couple of weeks ago I went to a sports nutrition store and saw that they have these Bolero drinks sachets. I have seen them before but never realized just how cheap they are (about 0.30€) and how small they are.

Since I was curious I decided to try a few. I also decided that working with the company that sells them in Slovenia (Bolero Drinks) would be a lovely idea. That's why they also sent me a couple of Bolero drinks (about 9). 

BORN PRETTY Pink Glitter Gel

 BORN PRETTY Pink Sequins Glitter Gel

I am a fan of gel polishes since I first started doing them myself. And since my collection is mostly made of cream gel polishes I got pretty excited to try this rosegold glitter gel. 

Since I was looking to do a more work-appropriate manicure, I used the glittery gel on my accent nails.



It's time for the final giveaway!
This time it's my favorite cream deodorant by Nelipot. It's handmade and contains no harmful clogging ingredients. Plus it's vegan.

I talked about it in my post - Nelipot Mladizhen

Bonnie Choice Makeup

Born Pretty Store is one of those Chia based stores that offers a variety of products for a fraction of regular prices.
And even if I was a bit skeptical of trying makeup products from them, I decided to give it a go, since well, what could go wrong? 

I received a couple of products to try out from their new brand Bonnie Choice. 

WALDO - The Subscription Contact Lenses

The Subscription Contact Lenses

When I was aimlessly browsing Facebook it showed me an ad. An ad for daily contact lenses that are supposedly inexpensive but made of quality materials. The interesting part? You can subscribe to them!
I was intrigued and decided to check them out. 
Those are the Waldo contact lenses.
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