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ALIEN Makeup With SOPHX Palette

ALIEN Makeup With SOPHX Palette

Here and there I go wild with makeup that I have on hand and create something magical. 
This time I wanted to be an Alien. I don't know much about aliens but I did know that I wanted a magical makeup with a modernistic twist. 
That's how an Alien makeup came to be.

I mostly used the Makeup Revolution SophX palette. 



In the FIRST PART, I showed you a small preview of all the new products from Essence and Catrice.
But in this part, I'm going a bit more in depth about them
The reviews will be short and sweet to keep this post from being unreadable. 

New in: July, August 2018

New in: July, August 2018

The last time I talked about all the goodies I purchased and got in April, May and June. This time it's time to move forward to July and August ob 2018.

I went on a couple of shopping sprees because I felt like I just don't have enough of ... (insert whatever really here). I had a couple of outbreaks on my skin and nothing covered them good enough.

Let's see what I got. 

[JOLSE] HARUHARU Wonder Berry Anti-Oxidant Cream

 HARUHARU Wonder Berry Anti-Oxidant Cream

Here and there I like to join the Jolse's search for reviewers of new products they decided to include on their site. This time I barely remember entering the giveaway/promotion for this HARUHARU cream. I completely forgot about it until I got the parcel at my home address.

If you're curious about my previous post for them, you can find it here - TI'AM One Second Whitening Cream.

Since I only had this cream for about two weeks, I can't really talk about the long-term effects of it on my skin. But what I can talk about are the first impressions.

5 Amazing Health Benefits of House Plants

5 Amazing Health Benefits of House Plants
written by: James Martin

Ever since we are young, school going children, we are told about the wonders of plants. We are asked to go outside and play, we learn about the myriad of benefits that we get from plants, basically, we talk a lot about how plants are wonderful.
And it’s true; plants are wonderful whether they are inside your house or outside. They are pretty and sometimes colorful too, just looking at them can soothe your soul. Homes with a lot of plants are naturally more attractive to be in as well.

It is needless to say that houseplants have plenty of health benefits too. People who live in houses with a lot of greenery lead a better quality of life than those who don’t. However, people are often unaware of what these benefits are. Here are some to get your mind ticking:
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