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St. Tropez Extra Dark Mousse Self Tan

When people say Summer, we mostly think about the sea, lots of outdoor activities and of course a tan! I am not a fan of tanning (because my maximum is not so great - I get maybe two shades darker). And well the sun is still pretty dangerous. I'd rather be white as a wall (it's a saying here) than have a wonderful tan and risk getting cancer.

But lucky for me and all those that would still love to be tanned - we can get sunlessly tanned
It's easy - it's actually tan in a bottle. And we all know that there are many brands to self-tanners out there.

That's why I decided to review this self-tanner from St.Tropez that was so kindly sent to me from Notino.

Summer Vibe Nails - Let's go NEON


Happy Summer days! 

I am not a fan of the heat but I love how I can wear neons again. I mean, it's not that I wouldn't wear them during Winter days but it's that I wear open-toed shoes and I can show off my pedicure!

Anyway, I found this extremely old nail polish in my nail polish box by Impala. It's a Brazilian brand that just kind of works for me. 

Usually, with old neon polishes, I'd have to wear a white base underneath. Well not here. 

Ashleigh & Burwood London Fairy Ball Catalytic Lamp

Ashleigh & Burwood London Fairy Ball Catalytic Lamp

Until recently I don't think I've ever heard about catalytic lamps. I stumbled upon them as I was browsing the Notino site, picking what should I get next. 

They caught my interest and I wanted to see how they would work for me. That's why I went on a small research journey. And do you know what I found out? 

LOV Eyettraction - METALfusion Magnetic Eyeshadow

LOV METALfusion Magnetic Eyeshadow

What is this little thing that I'm holding, you may ask? It's a magnetic eyeshadow by LOV Cosmetics that has been hidden in my drawer for a while. I think since December. And December is a long time ago. 

I've taken it out only now because I thought that I should at least give it a try. It looked fun and the color is just perfect for my daily makeup as I like to spice up things from time to time. 

Okay, let's see what it does and how long it stays on me. :) 

MIXA Hyalurogel Light Cream

 MIXA Hyalurogel Light Cream

I was sent by Notino this package that a lot of products in it - and one of them was this Mixa Hyalurogel Light cream. I know I had my doubts about it, but now that I've tried it and used it up, I am finally ready to share my thoughts about it. 
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