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New in: September 2017

It's that time of the month again. No, it's not exactly that time of the month, but the time where I share all the new purchases and PR products I got in the last month.

This time it's all about the products that "came to me" in September 2017. That's the month I also decided to go an extensive no buy - I'll talk about it in another post. 

Autumn Breeze Nails

autumn gradient nails

Since it's been a while since I shared my last manicure, I took the time last weekend to create a simple autumn manicure.

The idea was found somewhere online, but I think the colors were a bit bolder. 

Here's my version using just two nail polishes creating a simple gradient. 



I received two types of coffee masks from Jolse.com
I actually didn't know that I was selected in the giveaway raffle but here I am, chasing the deadline. :D

So what exactly are coffee masks? Read on and join me on this journey of discovery.

Essence Time to Wake Up Sheet Mask

Essence Time to Wake Up Sheet Mask

Essence came out with a product that is slowly creeping into our stores. It's a sheet mask that is meant to hydrate your skin.

I decided to share my thoughts because their products are always affordable and many of them are amazing.

Today I wanted to talk about the new Essence Time to Wake Up Sheet Mask.

Avon mark. Perfect Brow Crème Gel Pot

Avon mark. Perfect Brow Crème Gel Pot

When I received this product I had my doubts (as I always do), but after using it for a couple of weeks, I am finally ready to say how I feel about.

I am talking about the mark. Perfect Brow Crème Gel Pot
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