Catrice Nice Cream

Catrice Nice Cream

If you've been with me for all the past years you know that I have a nice collection of nail polishes. And that I'd normally wear every colour under the sun, but nudes weren't my favourites.

This changed and now I'm a fan of all the nude colours out there. 
That's why I couldn't pass this amazing opportunity when I saw that Catrice Nice Cream is being discontinued and I could get it for a fraction of the regular price. 

Catrice Nice Cream

Lasts up to 7 days – without a top coat! The innovative nail polish formula ensures a perfect gel-shine finish and maximum durability on the nails. Thanks to the GLOSS SEAL’RTM technology, the nail polishes have a spectacular high-shine finish. The shock-shield complex offers a perfect balance of elasticity and stability for optimal resistance against chipping and a long durability of up to 7 days.
This is an off-white nude nail polish that reminds me of bridal manicures. 

Catrice Nice Cream

I used three thin layers to get full opacity.
The drying time was somewhere in between, but it wasn't as bad as it usually is with such colours. 

The ICONails Gel Lacquers are enriched with acai oil, which provides pampering care for the natural nails in addition to intensive colour – Colour & Care at its best! Acai oil is renowned for its nourishing, moisturising and regenerating effect, and supports the high-shine finish. The exclusive packaging is particularly practical: the slim, round cap with the professional brush allows an especially simple and accurate application. It is easy to apply just the right dosage of texture without any streaks. For a perfect manicure, apply two coats of the highly pigmented texture on the nails to achieve the desired colour intensity.

Catrice Nice Cream

And because it's one of the ICONails polishes, it lasted a whole week on my nails. Sadly it got a bit streaky by the end of the week (I like doing stuff with my hands - also I bump around a lot). But I got some slight white tips and that was it. 

Colour me impressed! I'm sad seeing it discontinued but I'm sure there will come another amazing colour in its place.

Do you have a favourite nail polish? Let me know in the comments. 

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