Facts About Laser Hair Removal You Should Know

facts you should know about laser hair removal
With so many different ways to remove hair, it can be hard to decide which one will work best. If you've been doing it at home for years, you're probably tired of repeating the routine so many times. Lately, you hear talk about how much better laser machines can do at removing that unsightly hair. It's time to learn the truth about hair removal with lasers.

Who can have laser hair removal done?

It used to be that only people with light skin and dark hair could have hair removed via a cosmetic laser. That's a thing of the past. Now, there are different models, including ones that are specifically for use on darker skin tones. Always verify with the clinic that they have the right device for your particular skin and hair color.

The Way Hair Removal Lasers Function

Hair removal lasers operate by using a spectrum of light energy to target the follicle of hair. That energy creates heat in the hair, heating it until it destroys the root. If it catches the root in the right stage of growth, that hair will not be able to grow back. The laser technician will go over the area several times to be thorough.

facts you should know about laser hair removal

Hair Removal Lasers for home use

Hair removal lasers work so much better than home methods. So it would make sense to purchase your own laser to use at home, wouldn't it? In all honesty, no it wouldn't. The cost of a professional laser is more than the average home user would be able to justify. Even if you find laser hair removal machines for sale, the price may be far more than you would spend on several visits to the clinic. Not only that, but you would still need to become a certified technician in order to be able to use the laser machine.

Yes, there are “laser” machines for home use that don't cost anything close to a professional device and don't require special training to use them. The problem is that they are far less powerful and do not do the job as well. They cannot be as powerful as the professional device since they must be made safe for home use.

How much time will treatments take?

The amount of time needed for a treatment depends entirely on what is being done. Treating large areas of skin like the legs won't take as much time as a small area like the face. Generally, treatments take at least ten minutes to an hour.

How many treatments will I need?

Again, it depends on what is being done. If you are looking for a one time treatment in order to get ready for bikini season, one session is all you will need. If you are looking to permanently get rid of the hair in an area, then you will need to return for several sessions until it stops growing back. The root has to be destroyed in the right stage in order to permanently stop further growth. Since hair grows in different stages and not all hairs are in the same stage, it takes between three and eight sessions to capture all the hair at the right point.

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