Guest Post: Skincare Secrets for Staying and Looking Young

Written by: Lisa Haiden

Staying beautiful and looking young is every woman dreams. If not only us we look at the favourite movie stars and wonder who are in their 40s and wonder how they can maintain their youthful complexion. We found the answer. 

These stars and artist pay proper attention to their skin and beauty tips, so should you. The desire of having a youthful skin can remain a dream to most young women unless we take control of our beauty health techniques.
To most of us, when ageing set off, we usually panic and seem as if there is nothing we can do. You are wrong as with the following skincare secrets you will maintain your youthful complexity.

Use anti-ageing creams with retinol

Retinol creams aid in the production of collagen. When we start ageing, the body starts producing less level of collagen. Thus researchers have recommended the use of creams with retinol. Many of the stars you see have retinol as part of their skincare kit. Retinol cream is quite surprising since when you apply it boosts the production of collagen protein which is responsible for holding your skin together. Collagen maintains complexity and elasticity of the skin thus such youthful skin.

Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliation is the removal of the dead top layer of the skin. Exfoliating twice a week is another beauty secret that will maintain your skin in its youthful state. Exfoliation allows the quick renewal of collagen lost through dead skin cells. The process has few benefits such as unclog pores, reduce wrinkles, prevent acne and remove the dead skin cells making you have a youthful appearance. 

Eat greens and a balanced diet

Eating is a habit common to all, but what we eat can be an enemy to our skin. Keep away from junk foods. Most of the stars who have great skin avoid junk stuff. Processed foods increase the ageing process. -Include greens to have a good source of vitamin K, oil jelly, fruits, and fish as a source of omega factor. 


Another beauty tip is exercise. Exercise can keep will boost your body circulation, enhance moods by reducing stress and maintain a good skin complexity. The researchers have shown those activities, especially pumping iron exercise increases the surface complexity, firmness, and elasticity. If you desire to stay young, then this is a beauty tip that you should not neglect. 

Don't forget your sunscreen

Exposure to the sun is one of the many other factors that may facilitate ageing. When you expose your skin to the sun, you encourage wrinkle formation which leads to premature ageing. So sunscreen is another secret of maintaining the complexity of the skin and look young. Regularly use your sunscreen to keep your young looks. 

Make sure you get enough sleep

Sleeping well is another beauty secret that will get you to look young. Enough sleep can be defined by sleeping 6-8 hrs. While sleeping, the skin does most of the repairs, restoration, and regeneration. Now you can imagine what lack enough sleep can do. It will cause incomplete repair of the skin causing wrinkles and sagging of the skin. You will look old. Make sure you have enough sleep. 

Avoid stress

Stress is a beauty enemy. Studies have proven that stress has physical effects that accelerate your ageing process. Stress account for most of the diseases in our body. Relaxation or giving yourself a break from what can give you stress is another secret of remaining young and beautiful. Always keep your mind engaged in fun activities to avoid stress.  

Treat your skin regularly

A common mistake to all women is that we wait for signs of ageing and that when we start taking proper care of our skin. That can be a big problem but recovered by facial massages, spas treatment, use of anti-ageing cream, and exfoliation in your early twenties.

About Lisa:
Stubborn and optimistic :) Want to live my life to the fullest and learn every day something new.
I'm very interested in healthy living and efficient skincare solutions as I consider the way you look influences the way you fell and makes your journey through life more beautiful. I am fascinated by how skincare products can make you look better and younger, so I love blogging about it.

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