Nude Makeup Is Beautiful

Nude makeup is something I'm always doing. Well, most of the time. I try to play with it from time to time, break up my routine and add something different to it.

Well, this time, I decided to do a full eye makeup look with just one palette - Urban Decay Naked Basics 2. My dear, beloved palette. I take it with me all the time! 

We all love Nude Makeup

I know, there's nothing too exciting about nude colors. Nothing. Except owning the palettes. Otherwise, all the colors are the same. Well, most of them. But this palette contains buttery soft shadows that make any application easy.

My Daily Nude Makeup Look

The camera didn't want to pick up the colors, but I tried. The makeup was quite dark in person, but of course, having hooded eyes it wasn't all that noticeable. 

For the eyes I used:
+ Etude House Proof 10 eye primer
+ Urban Decay Basics 2 palette 
+ a bunch of Essence/Real Techniques brushes
+ Etre Belle mascara with hyaluronic acid

And to add some sparkle or life to this post, here is a full face shot of me wearing it + the Catrice Contourious products (contour palette and lipstick contour duo).

For my face I used:
+ L'Oreal Paris Infallible Primer Matte Base
+  L'Oreal Paris Infallible Primer Matte Foundation
+ Catrice Contour Palette from the Contourious TE (all the colors!)

For my lips I used:
+ Catrice Lip contour duo stick from the Contourious TE

What do you think? Are these nude makeups boring or no?

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