Halloween Pumpkin Nail Art

Tara and I decided to do a collab in honor of this upcoming special day that we all love - Halloween. 
She's a dedicated nail polish lover and you should totally check her out on The Beauty of Nail Polish.
Here you can see what she created.

We went with a pumpkin theme because I totally wanted to do something pumpkin themed.
I prepared for this manicure last week, with a different nail polish combination - black and white. But I had to re-do the base polish three days in a row before I ditched it and went with a more classic version - black and orange.

More after the jump!

In the meantime, I went to the seaside and I didn't take anything with me. Not a nail polish, or top coat or even just a brush. Nothing! And of course, my base colors chipped the same day >.<.

This means that I went digging in my sisters stash and she also lent me her acrylics colors for the pumpkins. The brush? There was none, I did the nail art with a toothpick. Yes, that's right. And I think it's fairly decent, ok :P. 

The mandatory what I used part:
No base polish D:
A random black mini nail polish
Kiko 280 (orange) nail polish - wihch is divine!
Acrylic paint
Essence top coat 

How do you like it?


  1. Boooo! Pumpkins so zakon! :) mi je prav žal da ni to celoletna tematika, ker bi jih drugače ziher večkrat naredila! :D In zelo corti objava <3

    1. :D Yessss, buče so zakon. ;D lepe! In hvala <3.

  2. aww cute ;3 ale blog looks nice too !! :) visit my blog if you want :) choose your language and check the notes :) http://blueskyylar.blogspot.com

  3. vau, prekrasno ti je uspelo ! <3 več kot dobra manikura !

    1. Oooo hvala Rebeka! Počakaj na jutri, pride ena malo boljša objava (manikura) <3.

  4. Aww, this looks SO cute! I love this design and might try it for Halloween :) Thanks for sharing xx

    Pop over to my blog!



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