Shorter hair!


I completely forgot to tell you, but I cut my hair! I wanted to get it shortened for a while, but last month was the right time - I went on women's day to the hairdresser. The very long hair bothered me and it got in my way. It was waaay past my middle back, but since it is curly you coud never tell.

Anyway, I am happy with the curly results, but that day I went with a sleeker look. Check it out for yourself!

I did like the look and feel of my short and sleek hair, but do prefer being curly myself.

Oh, these pictures do look a bit creepy.... hmm it must be the dead stare, sorry!



+ bonus newer picture (curly)

The hair is growing back super quickly, but I may shorten it once more later. 

What do you think?

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