Health issues during pregnancy

This is an article about the health issues I have (and still am) experienced during my pregnancy. It's not about all the general issues regarding health and pregnancy. Please do keep that in mind :).

The first health issue was the nausea that didn't want to go away.
No matter what I did - I was feeling sick all the time. I tried with many different types of food, drinks, sleeping more..  Nothing. If a snack seemed to help me with my nausea, it backfired right after a couple of minutes (like 30?).
And then I heard of the special bracelet, the acupuncture one. I can't say if it works, because I got mine when the nausea was already gone (a day or two later, oh the irony!). It's supposed to work because it presses on an acupuncture spot and then the nausea is gone! :D

The second health issue was the terrible back pain
This is one of the most annoying part when it comes to pain. It didn't help if I slept on my back, side or any else position (okay, there are really just two - side and back). I tried drinking the multivitamin pills, which did help a bit. The solution came in a really weird way. During my reconnection therapy. It was really interesting. Also massages did help with soothing the pain.

The third one is the super exhaustion, that followed in the 4th month of pregnancy
I thought that after the nausea was gone, well that I'd have some energy boosts (as people said). LOL, that was such a bad presumption! I was exhausted and couldn't do anything for more than a couple of hours (max 3!). My doctor thought that I might have thyroid problems or maybe diabetes (since it runs in the family). Luckily it was none of the both. 
The exhaustion passed by itself, but it's true that I did take the vitamins supplements for pregnant ladies.

The fourth one is the most recent one - joints pain
This one honestly scared the hell out of me. It was an unusual pain, nothing I've read about before. The pain started in the evening and lasted through the morning. That's why I woke up at about 1PM every single day. I couldn't sleep at night. One day I woke up with the pains from my shoulders down (all in my joints!) and it didn't want to go away during the day. I read that magnesium pills help, so I took them. It helped a bit, well if nothing else it did help with my leg cramps (damn those are quite annoying!). 

Luckily all of the supplements are available in Pharmacies (like the Canada drug pharmacy)

I hope that the last trimester of my pregnancy will go on smoothly and without major health issues. I also hope the labour in water will be possible.

I'll keep you updated. :)

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