Pregnancy from week 21 to 24

Hi :)!

Soooo yes, it's time to write about another part of my pregnancy.

Week 21:
So, my tummy is getting bigger and bigger! My back started to hurt like a damn sucker, and it annoyed the crap out of me! 
Also the baby kicks are getting stronger and stronger. Tho nothing extraordinary. Except for the back pain, everything is absolutely fine! ^^
I gave my blood once more. Luckily it wasn't painful as the last time, when the dude actually hit my muscle - my arm hurt for 2 weeks and it was my main arm. Damn! Anyway, it was over quickly and painlessly. 
Oh there is one cosmetic problem I have from the whole beginning. And it looks like it won't disappear so soon. Backne (back acne), and they spread to my shoulders. Not nice and they are quite painful. I didn't have those since I started taking BC. Which is in years. And now.. the hormone boom and here we go. Does anyone have a healthy solution for those? 

Week 22:
Again, the back is killing me and it irritates me. Once it starts hurting my day is practically ruined, since I can't do a thing. Not sit normally, not stand.. lay down, well somehow. 
I went on a looong walk (about 3h) and at the end I could barely stand. I walked for about 10km which usually wouldn't be a problem, but now. I thought I'd die that day. I mean, I do realize I need to exercise so the labour will be easier on my body. But truth to be told, with all this back pain it's impossible! 

Week 23:

I had my first Reconnection session and my back hurt a lot during it (because I was laying on my back, that's it). The pain was extra strong, but weirdly enough it got very mild to almost disappearing at the end of the session. I was impressed! Well the session was an experience on itself, so I liked it! 

I also realized I can't eat as much as I want. Although my appetite was almost gone, so that wasn't a problem. I was craving (for two or three weeks) exclusively for cantaloupes and ice cream. Ice cream was super easy to get, the cantaloupes not so much since it's not the season of them.
For some reason cantaloupe ice cream was not of my liking, ew! 
Truth to be said - I didn't eat meat before I was pregnant (that was going on for more than a year), but when I got pregnant I got this terrible meat cravings, so I think my baby has blood type 0+. I'm A, so meat isn't in my regular meals :P. 

So we'll see how that goes after the pregnancy for me. 

Week 24:
Baby kicks are getting stronger and stronger. He punches in my organs and sometimes it hurts a lot. Other times it's just unpleasant. But at least I know he's doing fine. He doesn't like me sleeping on my back (it's not really healthy either - during pregnancy). But since my back stopped hurting (I had two more reconnection healing therapies) I can sleep on my back (and I find it comfortable - tho I do move to my side after about 30 minutes, just to be safe). I am craving junk food. And this week I ate quite a lot of it. Also a lot of fruit and vegetables, to make it even :D. 

I saw my baby again (went to the gynaecologist). I asked my doctor is it's still a boy (you know, sometimes they aren't sure) and well, he's 100% a boy! We also have a name picked for him (we picked it at the beginning since we were sure he was a boy). Well of course we also have a girl name, but it won't be needed. When I saw him at the ultrasound he had his head turned down (which is like that from the beginning), and his arse up in my ribs and legs next to his head. Do you know how a dog sleeps? :P It made me giggle.
(photo is from google)

I can say that this is the best part of my pregnancy. I am not super tired all the time, the food cravings can be controlled, my back stopped hurting, my feet aren't swelling, well I got some marks from on my tights, but nothing a bit of almond oil and later derma roller couldn't fix. 

The only downside are the ocasionally super baby kicks. One of those that make you pee a little, or just run to the toiled, because he hit the bladder. Or the heartburn because the stomach has no more room and it's pushing upwards. 
Picture from a couple of days ago. Martina, Pablo and me. Pablo looks scared, lol.

And maybe the flexibility is long gone, but still.. as long as there is no back pain, I am happy and grateful.
I also have to make sure not to eat too much, because sometimes it feels like my stomach has for some reason lots of place.. and then I eat and eat (well eat normally, that's it). But then one thing happens. I can't breathe and I panic. :/ That's when I have to lie down and wait for some time. 

Oh my tummy looks bigger when I sit :D

The photos were taken by Martina. And others were found on google :)

So if I sum it down.. I can't wait for cherries season to come! :D 

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