NOTD: Acid manicure

Hi everyone ;)!

You probably all know that I'm not a big fan of crackle polishes, but since I got the option to try out some colored ones - I liked the green one - I decided it's time to move on with my 'crackled looks ugly' attitude and give it a go.

And well.. I kind of like it. Of course it can't compare to those pretty manicure with flowers and rhinestones all over them, but it's a simple way of making a quick manicure that looks like nail art. 
So it's amazing for lazy arses ;).

Anyway I used:
* Catrice Don't Feed The birds as a base (2 coats)
* Depend Crackled Green Nail Polish (1 coat)
* Essence top coat 

The application was easy, but you have to be quick since it starts drying in matter of seconds!
It also dries in a satin/semi matte finish, so I applied top coat for a more polished look. 

It somehow reminds me of those ninja turtles - but a tiny bit more acid. 

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