Red hair, again. + tiny haul (tiny lol)

Hi dolls,

My roots were showing and since I decided I won't go to a hairdresser until the summer is over, I went to the first DM. I couldn't find that gorgeous purple anymore so I took another color I loved in the box.

It's called Perfect Mousse - 388 Dark RedBrown. And yes, I forgot that having red hair in the summer is a damn bad idea! D:
But what to say, I love being a redhead. It's perfect and the color suits me. Tho I hate it that whenever my hair gets wet, it starts pouring red color all over me. BLEH! So in the winter/whatever I'll go back to being blonde, well to my natural hair color.

The application was super easy. You just mix (not shake!) the color + something (hydrogen?) and then you press the application until the mousse comes out. One bottle of it was more than enough for my hair, I am impressed!

Anyway.. since a new hair color is a great excuse to camwhore... here are some camwhoring pictures ;D. Enjoy!


Hahaha boobz! This is one of those rare pictures on which I'm smiling, so I HAD to put it on ;D.

And the tiny haul :). I am running out of my Miss Sporty finishing powder and decided it's time to try a new brand, and since I have never used anything skin related from S-he, it was a good excuse to do so.

*S-he Finishing mineral powder
*Essence gel liner in BLACK
*Essence angled brush (I wanted to see how it performs)

Have a lovely day,
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