Sephora/Kiko Haul + Mail

Hi, sweeties!

It's been a while since I posted a haul. But this one is different. I went to Sephora! We don't have one in Slovenia, so I went to Italy. I didn't get much, but I love every last bit of my purchases!

I went there hoping to find a Beauty Blender (they had no idea what it is), but since they didn't have it I got the Sephora version (it's been haunting my dreams!). And I've tested it once and wow, it's actually not bad (I read all the three reviews on MUA lol - I was expecting the worst). I also got a White card (I didn't know I could since I'm not from Italy). I'm very sure it will turn black soon ,D.

I also went to Kiko, to get myself a mascara or two. I didn't get any nail polish because I think I have already enough.

Plus today my new palette for a review came (KKCenterHK). So far it's looking good but I didn't swatch it yet.

Now off to the pictures! Btw, the Tokidoki palette is for my next giveaway. Would you be interested? It seems it would be great for a simple smokey eye.

The glitter mascara has a really interesting applicator. It's metallic. Does its job great!

The shades are mixed matte/shimmer/satin.

I can't wait to properly test the Precision Sponge and the Manly Palette. The name is funny, lol. 


  1. :) the tokidoki palette is soo cute!!
    I'm happy you went in italy ! ciao!

  2. Js mam tut tako glitter maskaro in je zakon <3
    V keri Sephori si pa bila, Trst? :)


  3. My sister got her Sephora black card recently. Pity we cannot get the Label Whore e/s to use it for the first time.
    We got our first Kiko polishes on Friday. Haven't used any of them yet but they definitely look promising.

  4. ta blender je zakon! sm ga tut js uzela lih 3 al 4 dni nazaj. in mi je super! edino se nič ne zveča če ga mal zmočiš kot naj bi pravega. meni osbeno drugače res kul. aja, in kdaj si kvalificiran za black card? ki so tudi meni ponudli to belo.

  5. Tele Tokidoki zadevice so tako simpatične :)


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