Sephora/Kiko Haul + Mail

Hi, sweeties!

It's been a while since I posted a haul. But this one is different. I went to Sephora! We don't have one in Slovenia, so I went to Italy. I didn't get much, but I love every last bit of my purchases!

I went there hoping to find a Beauty Blender (they had no idea what it is), but since they didn't have it I got the Sephora version (it's been haunting my dreams!). And I've tested it once and wow, it's actually not bad (I read all the three reviews on MUA lol - I was expecting the worst). I also got a White card (I didn't know I could since I'm not from Italy). I'm very sure it will turn black soon ,D.

I also went to Kiko, to get myself a mascara or two. I didn't get any nail polish because I think I have already enough.

Plus today my new palette for a review came (KKCenterHK). So far it's looking good but I didn't swatch it yet.

Now off to the pictures! Btw, the Tokidoki palette is for my next giveaway. Would you be interested? It seems it would be great for a simple smokey eye.

The glitter mascara has a really interesting applicator. It's metallic. Does its job great!

The shades are mixed matte/shimmer/satin.

I can't wait to properly test the Precision Sponge and the Manly Palette. The name is funny, lol. 
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