Fyrianne Small Haul

Hi lovelies! 

This week I'm gone, so I probably won't be able to answer your questions/comments. But so you won't forget about me I scheduled posts for every day of the week ^^! You'll see.. you won't even notice I'm gone! :D

Last month (March 22 it was shipped on March 30) I placed a small order on the Fyrinnae site. I wanted to order a couple of eye shadows more, but they weren't all available. So I ordered what I could. And what I liked of course!

The main reason I even placed an order (because I do NOT need more eye shadows, no matter how fantastic they are lol) is their Silca Face Primer. I read great stuff about it, so I was curious. Especially because I started using a mineral foundation.

My order came last Friday (April 8th). I wasn't expecting it to come so quickly, because their site says they are really behind with their orders. But YAY!

Oh by now you must be bored of all my gibberish talking,... so lets move to the pictures!

Fyrianne eye shadows always come packaged nicely.. 

Ohhh glittery!!

My order! I also ordered a blush (mesmerize) and another sample of their eye primer. 

Face primer.

Eye shadows! The red one (Kamikaze) if a free sample. They have the best CS ever!

Tomorrow I'll post the swatches of these eye shadows. ^^

Thank you for reading and commenting <3
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