DIY: Dog Bandanna

Hi dears,

Today I was vegetating but I came to this fantastic idea, that I could make a doggy bandanna..
I bought a blue scarf (30% polyester and 70% viskose) and decided that this was the right stuff for it! 
The material is really soft, but a pain in the ass to sew.. (plus I suck at sewing!).

Anyway.. this is what I came up with (please don't mind the ugly stitches and weird shape, it's my... hmm test lets say).

But when I put it on Pablo, I couldn't care less about the bandanna flaws.. Because I know that next one will be better (hopefully, a sewing machine will be involved too).

Not looking happy.. :P

After a walk.

What do you think? xD 
I still need to get used to this idea of accessorizing a dog... :P I mean I'd do that like 3000 times all over again to our Trixy, but there I have an excuse that she's female..
But what.. he's too cute! At least people won't be SO MUCH afraid of him on walks anymore..  geez..



  1. Hahahaha kaksno faco dela na 1. Sliki XD zgleda pa ql na njem :D

  2. hihi it's cute!! And your dog is cute too!! ^^

  3. fancy:)

    jaz sem se nekaj mesecev lotla nazaj šivat oblekco za maltežana na hello kitty:P pa sem jo dokaj hitro nardila, popizdla sem samo ker se je debelejše blago (tipo plišasta ovčka) paralo ko sem živala in pol je blo treba obrobit ročno:P
    končni izdelek pa je bil kar lep:)

  4. Thank you girls!

    Thumby, tole ti pa verjamem da je flis tezko sivat! :D
    Daj poslikaj izdelek, me ful zanima..
    A imas maltezana? o.o sem mislila da imate huskija.


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