DIY: Dog Bandanna

Hi dears,

Today I was vegetating but I came to this fantastic idea, that I could make a doggy bandanna..
I bought a blue scarf (30% polyester and 70% viskose) and decided that this was the right stuff for it! 
The material is really soft, but a pain in the ass to sew.. (plus I suck at sewing!).

Anyway.. this is what I came up with (please don't mind the ugly stitches and weird shape, it's my... hmm test lets say).

But when I put it on Pablo, I couldn't care less about the bandanna flaws.. Because I know that next one will be better (hopefully, a sewing machine will be involved too).

Not looking happy.. :P

After a walk.

What do you think? xD 
I still need to get used to this idea of accessorizing a dog... :P I mean I'd do that like 3000 times all over again to our Trixy, but there I have an excuse that she's female..
But what.. he's too cute! At least people won't be SO MUCH afraid of him on walks anymore..  geez..

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