ManGlaze - Hot Mess

Along with my other two ManGlaze nail polishes, I got this gorgeous shimmery matte nail polish. I was drooling when I saw it on other pictures so I was pretty excited when they agreed to send me some samples for my review!

The polishes come in amazing bottles (they have really interesting designs!), and I like them because they are square and not oval.

Hot Mess ManGlaze® 
(AKA FishDicks) The glossy destroying powers of Matte-Astrophe but with a stupidly evil amount of glistening bling. Put this over any color and drool. Hell ain't so bad art created yet again by Joe Simko!

I tried it over my manicure that I had on for the last three days and it was kind of chipping in some places - China Glaze Strawberry Fields.

1 coat, inside natural light.

 1 coat, sunlight.

2 coats, inside natural light.

 2 coats, sunlight.

I really like this edgier look of my pink manicure!

It's actually a clear nail polish filled with silver glitter. This means that it will make any manicure prettier and it's superb for layering.
The apply is really easy, and it dries almost instantly into a matte finish. Now it's shimmer and matte? Wow! 

It covered the parts that chipped from the previous nail polish which gave me an instant amazing manicure. I have those days when I'm feeling really lazy and I don't want to change my manicure, but I want to make it prettier..  
So this polish is just great for those days!

Don't get me wrong, alone it's pretty too but over other colors.. it's. ah-mazing!

You can buy it for $13.13 + S/H.
There are only 1500 bottles available, so hurry up! :)

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