NOTD: Wooofff woooffff nail art!

Yesterday I wanted to do some nail art so.. well I tried. I painted over Essence Not Just Cute.
I think that this pink nail polish looks great on short nails and not so good on long nails.
Anyway I took my brush and dotter, and started messing with my nails.. 
I used a random white Essence nail polish (from the London french manicure set) and ManGlaze Matte is Murder.

The Essence nail polish needed more coats, but luckily ManGlaze needed just one!

Here is the not so good looking nail art. Hey I'm still learning =).

The stuff I'm holding is furry marshmallow. I mean it has coconut al over it. It's yummy but a bit on the dry side, since it has nothing else inside. I bought them because I was hoping they would like those snow (I can't remember the name!) candy. They have some cream inside, a muffin heart and are covered in marshmallow and rolled on coconut pieces bed. About 120kcal/piece. xD I only ate them once when my sis got a prize from the USA. Yumm! 

Btw, how do you like the new design of my blog? I added some buttons at the top..
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